We believe that the Indian traveller has come of age. She is now looking to explore rather than just visit, discover and not just see. This requires a different level of travel preparedness… mental, physical and also the gear she carries.

We have some catching up to do with the world when it comes to the sophistication of our travel gear. The world is exploding with amazing products designed specifically for globetrotters, which are setting new standards in design, aesthetics and functionality.

Bragpacker has been conceived as a platform to bring the very best of travel gear, globally, to Indian consumers. At the same time, we also believe that this pre-travel shopping does not need to be expensive and wasteful. Hence, we are introducing different usage models for our customers that allow them to access the best products without killing their travel budget.



We know that packing for a trip can be a stressful and time consuming exercise that can take away from the best part of travel – the anticipation of hitting the road. No longer. With Bragpacker, we promise you:

  •  An uncluttered product catalogue, that shows you only the stuff you need
  •  A curated list of travel gear that provides the best products available in terms of design and value
  • Expert advice and usage tips you need to make an informed decision and shop with confidence
  • Ownership and usage options for each product so you can do much more with your money

We assure and guarantee:

  •  The products you buy are 100% brand new, sourced from reputed vendors and fully backed by warranties as promised
  • The products that you rent from us will be 100% clean, hygienic and fully functional.


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