UVC Room Disinfection Tower

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The UVC tower is a great solution for disinfecting large spaces without any chemicals or labour requirement. Just place the tower in the center of your room and its powerful germicidal tubes from Philips will do the rest. It is lightweight enough to easily more around to disinfect larger rooms as well. Comes with a remote control.

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The UVC Tower uses high wattage germicidal tubes that can disinfect entire rooms in one go. It is suitable for offices, doctor’s clinics, retain spaces etc where regular disinfection of large spaces is required.

  • Can disinfect 200-225 sq feet space in 1 round
  • On-Off Switch on the body plus remote controller with 15 feet range to enable safe operations
  • Disinfects entire room in 30 min
  • 360* Motion detector (optional)
  • Requires minimal training to operate
  • We can customize the tower design to your needs with models available from 25 Watts to 1000 Watts as well. Let us know your needs and we will suggest the best solution at market beating pricing.

About UVC technology:

UVC disinfection is probably already being used at your home – In your water purifier! Ultra Violet light (C band) is a very effective way to disinfect against a wide variety of pathogens and is widely used in the food industry, in hospitals and homes. Our UVC devises have been especially designed to deploy this technology safely in your home and office for surface disinfection.

Warning: Direct exposure to UVC light can be harmful for your skin and eyes.


Technical Specifications:

UVC light 254 nm Wavelength
Watts 72 W (2nos, 36 W Tubes)
Lamp Lifespan 10,000 hours
Dosage 7700 mW/cm2
Material Available in PP & MS 304 Bodies
Dimensions (inches) 36” x 8“ x 8”
Weight ~3 kg

Safety Precaution:

This UVC device emits powerful UVC light and can cause harm if safety precautions are not adhered to. Operator has to ensure that the UV light does not fall on skin or eyes of anybody. Safety gear such as eye googles/ face shield etc and gloves are recommended for the operator when using this device.

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  • COD is allowed if being ordered with a rental product. Otherwise, you need to pay online in advance
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