GoPro Pass (with GoPro from Bragpacker)

Buy for Rs 1000

Buy the GoPro Pass along with your Gopro from Bragpacker and get free access to all our inventory of Gopro accessories, mounts and mods.

If you have bought the GoPro elsewhere, you can still buy the GoPro Pass and access our inventory but at a higher price. Click here for more details.

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1) As long as you have purchased the GoPro from Bragpacker, you are eligible for a Gopro Pass at Rs 1000/-
2) With the GoPro Pass, you get a total 20 days of free usage for our basic mounts and 10 days of free use of the advanced mounts. Days of use of each mount will count separately. You can convert credit (days) of basic mount to advanced mount at the rate of 2 is to 1 (and vice versa at the rate of 1 is to 2).
3) The GoPro Pass is valid for 1 year from date of purchase. Any credit of days can be rolled over to the next year, as long as you renew.
4) If you run out of days during the year, you can renew at anytime.
5) Refundable deposit and delivery charges, as applicable, are payable.
6) Use is subject to availability of the mounts in our inventory. If you submit an order for a listed mount which is not available for the period you wish to use, we will automatically extend the validity of your GoPro pass validity by 3 months. If it happens twice (although it wont), you will be entitled to a full refund of the amount paid for the Pass, if you choose.


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