Car Safety Kit

Rs 400(1 day) to Rs 40/d (>16 days)

An absolute must for any road trip! Ride with peace of mind, take along this All-in-one Car Safety Kit that will equip you with the gear you need to respond to car breakdowns, fires, medical emergencies or accidents.

Refundable Security Deposit: Rs 3000/-


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With over 12 carefully chosen components, this car safety kit can make a life or death difference in case of any emergency on the road. Be it a car breakdown, a fire or an accident, the safety kit has been designed to provide you with with gear you need to protect, recover and respond to any adverse situation you face with your car.

Please note that for consumable items, replacement cost has to be paid if you use them. For example, if you use the Fire Extinguisher, you will need to buy it and pay the replacement cost of the same. These items will have a seal on them, which once broken will indicate that they have been used.

The kit includes (See Specifications Tab for further details):

  • 23 component First Aid Kit – Replacement cost is Rs. 650/- for the whole kit or Rs. 100 for any particular component.
  • Portable Tyre Inflator
  • Ceasefire Fire Extinguisher – Replacement cost is Rs. 2500/-
  • Emergency Hammer (with torch, belt cutter and glass hammer)
  • Stanley Multi tool.
  • Towing wire.
  • Jumper cable.
  • Survival Blanket – Replacement cost is Rs. 350/-
  • Tubeless Tire Puncture Kit – Replacement cost is Rs. 150/-
  • Traffic Baton with flashing light
  • Early warning road safety reflective triangle
  • Mini torch, Gloves, tape


  • St. John First Aid Kit- A multipurpose kit that can be easily understood and used in emergency. Contains 23 components.
  • Fire extinguisher – Ceasefire’s powder based MAP 90 range of ABC extinguishers, effective against Class A, B and C fires as well as Electrical fires.
  • Tyre inflator- Portable design that inflates a sedan tyre in 7 mins on 12V DC input, comes with an emergency light.
  • 4 in 1 Emergency Hammer- Ideal for breaking glass window in emergencies; has a bright LED torch, seatbelt cutter and a flat hammer for regular use.
  • 65 mtr 3 ton Heavy Duty Towing Wire- Comes handy if the car gets stuck in difficult places.
  • 500 Amp Jumper cable- Reliable and useful jumper cable to jump start your car in case its battery dies.
  • Survival Blanket- Retain up to 90% radiated body heat; helpful in extreme cold conditions, protects from hypothermia.
  • Tubeless Tire Puncture Kit– Quickly repair vehicles with tubeless tyre, contains 10 repair rubber strips along with all the essential items to get you back on track within minutes
  • Stanley 12 in 1 Multi-Tool with Pouch– Ideal Tool for Car, Bikes, Camping and other outdoor Activity.
  • Early warning road safety reflective triangle- Draws attention through radium reflectors in rain, fog, and dark conditions. In case of emergency, attach to bumper or place on floor next to vehicle. Fold and place in compact case to store away.
  • Traffic Baton – Handheld baton with 3 modes – red, green and flashing red that can attract attention of passing cars in case of any emergency


  • You will be asked to provide a government issued photo ID and Address proof before or at the time of delivery
  • Refer to FAQs for shipping details and our return and cancellation policy here.
  • Refer to our damage policy here.


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