Nova LS1293 Electronic Luggage Scale

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The Nova Electronic Luggage Scale is a modern day necessity for travellers given the increasing propensity of airlines to enforce baggage weight limits strictly. The Nova Luggage Scale is accurate and easy to use with it’s one touch button measurement. It’s compact and lightweight design enables it to fit into your pocket. An excellent way to monitor your travel shopping excesses too!

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  • Comes with a digital display with a screen of 11.3mm for easy reading.
  • Comes with a built in 1 meter manganese steel tape to measure luggage size.
  • Features include a Digital Display, Low Power & Overload Indication.
  • Contains auto lock feature to lock in the weight of the bag on the display, so you can read the weight after you lay the bag down.
  • Lightweight and compact with a capacity upto 50 kg.
  • Has great accuracy of upto 0.5 g
  • Includes: weighing scale and a battery.

Type: Pocket Weighing style
Display:  Digital Display
Display Size: 11.3 mm
Accuracy: 0.5g
Weight: 200g
Powered by:  Battery
Units of measurement: g, kg
Usage: One touch button with simplified
Capacity: 50 kg
Carriage: Compact design and easy to carry

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