Trekking Water Flask (1 lit)

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  • EASY OPENING / CLOSING – Opens and closes easily with 2 hands without unscrewing the top.

  • DURABILITY – Aluminium: light, very hardwearing but not isothermal. With no after taste.

  • EASE OF USE – Large opening for easy filling, carrying handle. 1 L.

  • ISOTHERMAL – Non-isothermal. To maintain freshness, use a 1 L isothermal slipcover.

  • CAP TYPE – Quick-open cap
  • VOLUME – 1 L 
  • Features – The top has a handle so that it can be easily carried in your hand or hung from a backpack with a strap or snap hook. 
  • Aluminium is not an isothermal material.
  • Use a suitable isothermal cover if you want to keep liquids cool in your flask. 
  • This flask can hold warm drinks but they will cool quickly. 
  • Do not use with fizzy drinks, fats (dairy products, oils, etc) or acid drinks (fruit juice, energy drinks). 
  • Do not microwave or freeze, do not expose to flames or other heat sources. 










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