Portronics Pico 10 Smart LED Projector 280 Lumens

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The latest in the very successful PICO series, the PICO 10 ups the image quality thanks to it having a brightness of 280 Lumen and a throwing distance of 0.6-14.7 feet. It has an electronic zoom function with which you can scale globally, horizontally and vertically. Highly portable and light, you can carry it anywhere.
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  • CRYSTAL CLEAR BRIGHTNESS & RESOLUTION: A portable mini projector that power packs hi-res and clarity onto your screen is here. Despite being compact it has 280 Lumen brightness all the while giving a crystal-clear 480 p resolution. This portable projector gives out distortion-free images even after the application of the electronic zoom function. The projector has dual 5W in-built speakers that together with the hi-res enable a larger than life visual treat!
  • KEYSTONE CORRECTION FOR SEAMLESS VISUALS: The PICO 10 is equipped with the fortuitous Keystone Correction feature which ensures that the screen dimensions are absolutely perfect. Not to say the least it has two modes which are Auto Keystone Correction and Manual Keystone Correction, through which you can actually have a real control over the visual outputs.
  • MULTIPLE INTERFACE AND SCREEN MIRRORING: PICO 10 helps you configure in different ways. It has HDMI, AUX, Bluetooth and USB ports besides wireless configuration, which makes it all the more convenient to use. As for the screen mirroring feature you can do it through any interface, like Linux, Microsoft, Android or iOS!
  • CONNECT TO YOUR AI WORLD EFFORTLESSLY: PICO 10 is compatible with almost every smart device and the streaming experience through the compact projector is very realistic. The portable projector is compatible with a wide range of devices like mobile phones, laptops, TV, DVDs and tablets. You can experience theater like audio-visuals right at the comfort of your home.
  • TAKE YOUR GAMING EXPERIENCE A NOTCH HIGHER: PICO 10 can seamlessly connect with PlayStation 3 & 4 and give you a surround sound gaming arena effect for a very aesthetically pleasing gaming experience. What’s better it is also compatible with the Xbox series, a feature that is rare in this line of gadgets!
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  1. We will accept returns for full refund, if initiated within 7 days of product delivery. However, please note that the product as also it’s packaging needs to be in pristine condition on return.
  2. 1 year manufacturer warranty is available for this product.  You may register your product here  – https://www.portronics.com/pages/warranty-registration.
  3. For repair service requests, you may contact the brand here – https://www.portronics.com/pages/https-portronics-freshdesk-com-support-tickets-new
  4. We are always available to help you! You may contact us on 9004 998 998 or email on info@upcoming.bragpacker.com for any additional assistance required.


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