Portronics Ruffpad 8.5M – Re-Writable Multi Colour LCD Writing Pad 

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Go paperless with RuffPad. Write notes, lists & make doodles without using paper or pen. It comes with a stylus. You can write or draw with a stylus or any other comparable instrument. A pressure-sensitive screen lets you create thick and thin lines. One-touch button erases notes instantly. Replaceable battery lasts up to 50,000 erases. The RuffPad M has a multi-colour LCD display for even more creativity.

Available in colour : Black.
Warranty: 1 Year Brand Warranty

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  • A pressure-sensitive screen lets you create thick and thin lines.
  • Tablet displays your notes until you erase them with the touch of a button, One-touch button erases notes instantly.
  • Durable case and recessed screen are safe for school, travel and home use.
  • One-touch Erase Button : The tablet displays your notes until you erase them with the touch of a button. One-touch button erases notes instantly.  
  • Reusable & Environment Friendly – The RuffPad 8.5 lets you do your bit for the environment by saving paper, pencils and erasers but it does not make you compromise on your creativity. The RuffPad 8.5 is erasable and re-usable making it the ideal tool for you or your child to harness their creative self. Use it to cultivate children’s writing and painting ability and interests. It’s simple one-button clear command helps you erase and re-write over 100,000 times.
  • Portable, Compact, Durable – RuffPad 8.5 comes in a very compact, light-weight model making it absolutely easy to carry wherever you want to carry it. It can easily fit into your briefcase, handbag or school bag and is a must have on all your trips; be it to the office or on vacation.
  • Great for all ages –RuffPad 8.5 can be put to multiple uses no matter who you are. It is a must have for kids, designers, office goers and is ideal for gifting. Children can use it for writing, arithmetic, spellings or to learn to draw and doodle. Adults can use it to take notes and memorize important information in office. Designers can use it to save their ideas and drafts, no matter where they are. Use it as a family message board to share your thoughts and messages or you can simply use it as a gift for someone you love.
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  1. We will accept returns for full refund, if initiated within 7 days of product delivery. However, please note that the product as also it’s packaging needs to be in pristine condition on return.
  2. 1 year manufacturer warranty is available for this product.  You may register your product here  – https://www.portronics.com/pages/warranty-registration.
  3. For repair service requests, you may contact the brand here – https://www.portronics.com/pages/https-portronics-freshdesk-com-support-tickets-new
  4. We are always available to help you! You may contact us on 9004 998 998 or email on info@bragpacker.bragpacker.com for any additional assistance required.


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