Rohan Daftary (Rented a Sony Cybershot HX90V) – copy

My search for renting a fancy-yet-not-fussy camera for my holiday ended with Bragpacker!
My primary needs were two – Compact & easy to use and Good optical zoomfor wildlife photography. With their expert suggestions, I requested for a Sony Cybershot HX90V. 
The website is hassle free and the booking process was extremely smooth. Special thanks to the team for being extremely pro-active in helping seal the deal.

The camera itself is a joy to use and was a brand new piece when handed over to me; probably the best in class in the market. The checklist and T&Cs for renting are well thought through and extremely fair to the customer. I didn’t feel the burden of carrying someone’s apparatus and the associated liability at any point.

Finally, I feel the pricing is extremely competitive. Renting itself is a great money saver when it comes to travelling and I see this concept gaining loads of momentum.
Looking forward to exploring the amazing other options that Bragpacker has to offer soon!