Whats new and cool with the GoPro Hero 11

The new Gopro Hero 11 has now been officially launched globally and is available to Rent or Buy on Bragpacker.com.

So what’s new and different about the 11 compared to the 10, you ask?

Here’s our short and hopefully, crisp take on the upgraded GoPro.

Well it’s the same weight, size and dimensions (so older mounts will be compatible), same processor and even the same waterproofing limit of 33 feet. But there are some key upgrades we found noteworthy, as below :

1) Larger, new format 8 x 7 sensor. This unlocks several features but most importantly let’s you crop your videos seamlessly and “losslessly” to 9:16 for Tik Tok (and now Instagram) , 1:1 for thumbnails, prints etc and 16:9 for YouTube

2) 27 MP photos vs 23 MP in the 10

3) Full 360 degree Horizon lock vs only 45 degrees earlier

4) New longer lasting Enduro battery included in the box

5) New Easy Mode to simplify resolution choices for beginners.

6) 10 bit colour output and Raw capture in all modes for professional editing options

7) Even better stabilisation with Hypersmooth 5 and AutoBoost

8) New night photography and light painting modes

9) Price is USD 50 more. Let’s see what INR difference the prices settles to. Currently available to Buy for a special introductory price of Rs 47940/- on Bragpacker.com with a free camera bag (till stocks last, price subject to change).

Our final verdict : The 11 is the easiest Gopro to use for beginners and professionals but improvements are only incremental. 

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