How it Works?


1. Browse: Browse our product catalogue across various categories. If you are not clear on any product information contained therein, please email us (info@bragpacker.com) or call us (+91 9004998998)

2. Select: Once you know the product(s) you need, just add your rental dates and see the total rental fee applicable. Add the product(s) to your cart

3. Review: Review your shopping cart and modify as you please.

4. Request: Submit a request to us to check availability of the products you have chosen. We will get back to you within 24 hours (typically 15 min) by email or call.

5. Pay: Make payment by following instructions sent in our confirmatory email with a payment link. You may pay through UPI or IMPS directly from your preferred banking app or through Netbanking or credit/debit card using our integrated payment gateway (by clicking on the link provided in the email)

We assure you that:

  • Products available for the Buy option are 100% new and as described.
  • Products available for Rent are likely to have been used before. However, we guarantee that all products we rent are fully functional and will be delivered to you spic and span
  • Payments made are fully secure. We use among the most secure and popular payment gateways for online transactions


Don’t be. It is an absolute guarantee from us that the product you receive will be spic and span. We take great care to ensure this. Every product is professionally cleaned and maintained throughout.

Wont happen. Every product we send out is quality checked before dispatch to ensure that the product functions exactly as promised. We encourage you to thoroughly check the product at the time of delivery itself or immediately after. If, by any chance, the product you have received is in a non-functional state, please contact us  and we will replace it for you, at the earliest.

Please get in touch with us through website/phone/ email. We are continually adding products to our catalogue and your interest will only expedite the product’s addition. The more time you give us, the better – so please share with us your rental product requests as soon as you start planning your next trip.

We have specified the accessories that come with the product in the individual product page. Any additional accessory required shall have to be procured by you separately. Please note that all electronic gadgets may require adapters if you are going outside India (these are normally not included with the product). Please ensure that at the time of product pick up, you return all the provided accessories.

We have tried to keep the deposit as low as possible to cover for basic repair costs in case of product damage during use by you. On return of the product, we shall process your deposit refund within 2 business days, as long as the product inspection confirms everything is in order.

Please ensure you provide us with your bank details in time for an online transfer of your deposit.

We will coordinate with you a suitable time to come for delivery. Please ensure that you are present at the time of delivery. You may need to provide your identity and address proof to our delivery executive as also sign our product delivery inspection checklist.

Please keep all products to be returned ready for pick up and appropriately packed, on the rental end date. Our executive will do a quick inspection of the product and may take pictures of the product, if required, to record the state of the product at the time of pick up.

Please note, if the product is being rented from a Vendor inventory, they may have other specific requirements. Please check the product webpage for additional information.

You may postpone your rental period start date at least 48 hours before the scheduled start date. During the rental period, no changes are possible. If you want to extend the rental period, please contact our customer services and they will guide you. We will require you to make the payment for the additional rental before the current rental period expires. Extension will be provided subject to availability of the product for the extension period.

Please note, if the product is being rented from a Vendor inventory, they may have other specific requirements. Please check the product webpage for additional information.

We will not charge you if we delay pick up of the product at the end of the rental period.

However, if we come for a pick up as per schedule and you are not present or unable to return the product, we will charge you rental fee for the additional days the product is in your possession till the pick up happens (we will pick up on all days except public holidays)

You may be able to. Please contact us atleast a day before the end of the rental period and we will provide you with a Buy price for the product.

Yes, ofcourse. We have physical stores in Mumbai and Pune from where you may pickup your confirmed orders. Our stores are typcially open, Monday to Satruday from 10 am to 8 pm. For other cities, the pickup option is currently not available.

Try & Buy

The product provided for trial will most likely be pre-used, unless you are lucky No. 1 to opt for Try & Buy for that particular piece. We, ofcourse, guarantee that the product will be in great condition, fully functional and delivered spic & span.

You may be able to. Please reach out to our customer service to check if that option is available for the product.


Absolutely. The products you buy are 100% brand new, genuine and protected by product warranties as provided by the manufacturer.

Buy & Rent

Its very simple. Any product you Buy from us, if it is also already listed for rentals, you can choose to put up for renting on our portal. We will just add your product to the inventory. This way, you can earn money on the product when not being used by you and thus recover some of your acquisition cost.

Please contact our customer services for further details and our incentivised fee structure for the Buy & Rent scheme. For example, we seek no listing fee from you and significantly lower commissions. You may initiate the process by submitting this form here.

Yes, you may. We have a product eligibility criteria and a process for accepting third party products for rentals on our website.

Please contact our customer services for further details and our fee structure. You may initiate the process by submitting this form here. For photography products, you may review the terms here


Yes, the price is all inclusive of taxes in most cases. Only in the case where the product is listed by a 3rd party, there may be additional taxes applicable. Please check on the “Other Information” tab on the product page to find out.

Afraid not. We need you to pay either through net banking services or credit/debit cards.

Relax. We use one of India’s most popular payment gateways – Payumoney. They provide a fully secure gateway to process your payment. Bragpacker does not even retain any sensitive payment related information on it’s own server.

Not yet. But soon. We are, ofcourse, always available on call/ whatsapp for any clarifications.

Returns and Cancellations

Unfortunately, no. Once delivered, we can replace the product if it is found to be mal-functioning and you report it within the first 4 hours of delivery. Please understand, that we incur significant logistics, packaging and handling costs to deliver the product to you and we are a small company (as of now!).

If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase we will gladly accept the return of packages within 7 days of the sale date and will issue a full refund minus a handling fee of INR 200/-. All we ask that the product be returned unused and in the same condition as you received it, in its original box and packaging. Bragpacker reserves the right to reject any return request if the product package is opened or the product looks used. We will ofcourse, replace free of any cost to you, any product delivered in a defective state. We urge you to not to accept an incorrect product, we will also bear the return shipping for any incorrect product delivered. The refund will be happen within 14 days of receipt and inspection of the goods

In some cases where a 3 rd party vendor is directly shipping the product, the Vendor’s return policyshall apply as specified in the product webpage.

If you choose to cancel the order, either for Buy or Rent, 24 hours before the product is shipped or picked up by you, you will be entitled to a 100% refund. To clarify, we deliver or allow pickup the evening prior to your rental start date – which means that you will need to cancel the order two days prior to your rental start date to get a full 100% refund. Minimum rental amount will be charged if you cancel on the day of delivery. Incase the product is shipped or already picked up by you, then the policy as mentioned above (return policy) will be applicable. In some cases where a 3 rd party vendor is directly shipping the product, the Vendor’s return policy shall apply as specified in the product webpage.

Damages (for Rent and Try & Buy)

No. Our professionals will do a thorough cleaning of the product on return. We will, however, appreciate you maintaining the product in a hygienic way.

Don’t worry. Just give us a call. We understand that stuff happens. We are adept at product repair and maintenance and we will take care of it. Our charges, if any, will be nominal and fair. We will go by our inspection team’s assessment on the same. We will provide you the details of the costs as well and adjust it against the deposit amount. Please refer to our Terms of Use & Damage Policy (below) for further details

Please do take care of the products your rent from us. However, in case of any damage, 0ur assessment of Damages payable by you shall be based on the following guidelines:

  1. For normal wear and tear of the Product as is reasonable to assume for the period of use by You, we shall not charge any Damages
  2. For any damage that is cosmetic and does not result in loss of function of the Product, we shall recover upto 10% of the extant market value of the Product or the Security Deposit, whichever is lower.
  3. For any damage that leads to a loss of function of the Product that is repairable, we shall recover the actual cost of repair.
  4. In the event of Product becoming damaged beyond repair, User shall pay between 60% to 80% of the replacement value of the same or similar product. Bragpacker shall solely determine, the replacement value of the Product based on extant market price of the Product as also the percentage of recovery it may seek from the User, from within the specified range, depending on the age and condition of the Product at the start of the Term of the rental.
  5. In the event of  a lost or unreturned item, Bragpacker shall charge  the cost of the full retail price of a comparable substitute of Product and late fees assessed prior to deeming the User in default, plus a penalty of 25% of the retail price of the Product

Please refer to our Terms of Use for further details.

Please don’t. We have professionals handy to do this the right way. In no case should you tinker with the product without calling and informing us.


Sorry for that. We want to ensure that the product is available and ready to go when you are, before we accept your order & money. Hence, we first request you to send the request and once we are satisfied that our inventory is available, we will send you an email confirmation for you to make the payment.

You bet. We are looking to expand our product portfolio multifold, in quick time. But as a philosophy, we don’t want to provide multiple brands for the same product for variety’s sake. We believe in curating for you the best product for a particular need and will only list brands we like.

We currently offer our full rental inventory for residents of Mumbai & Pune. Apart from that, we are able to courier directly to residents of most metro cities in the North, West and South, a select set of products which include all trekking products, entry level cameras, action cameras (GoPros) and photography accessories. There may be a minimum rental period applicable for those products to be rented in these cities. Some bulkier products such as suitcases, baby gear are not suitable for couriering though.

The gear we offer on sale i,e for you to Buy, is available to courier all over India, wherever courier services exist.

Hello. We are happy to rent to you and we will deliver to your hotel as well if you wish. Please email/whatsapp us for any inquiries. Please note that in certain cases, we may need a higher deposit amount. This is ofcourse, fully refundable – all of the same rules apply.

Any unanswered questions? Contact Us