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Bragpacker is an online travel store that provides travellers premium travel gear to Rent or Buy.

We invite interested people to list their spare strollers, car seats, carriers, cots and other baby products on our website so that fellow travelling mothers can rent/buy them.

All you have to do is provide us details of your baby product. We will take care of everything else. We have ensured that the whole process is painless and profitable for you.

If you wish to sell and not rent your photography equipment, let us know too. We may even buy for ourselves for our own inventory.

See the products we rent currently: Photography | Luggage | Travel Essentials | Baby CareOutdoors



Check Eligibility:

We will only list high quality products on our website. See if your product qualifies here.


Select Rental Plan:

Select from our two rental options that works best for you. See details here


Send Product Details:

Provide us with accurate product details as per the specified format here.


  • With Bragpacker, the whole renting process is totally painless for you. We will take care of all required logistics, customer acquisition and payments.
  • We follow a two-step process before confirming any booking. Once an order inquiry comes to us, we screen the customer and check for availability of the product with you before confirming the order. Thus ensuring your product goes to good people, as per your convenience
  • If you are saving a product for someone else, don’t worry. The product will be offered to our customers to rent only for the period you are comfortable with.


  • The product has to be branded and you have to be the first owner
  • It has to be fully functional in all respects, cosmetically in great shape and have all the required accessories for it to function
  • We currently serve only the city of Mumbai. If you are based elsewhere, we will still list your products under an all India Sell/ Rent listing forum that we will create on our website. The listing will be entirely free however, certain restrictions on our services may apply.


  • The product shall remain in your ownership throughout and in your possession except when rented out. You shall be responsible for maintaining the product and updating us on any change in product condition or availability
  • Bragpacker will be responsible for maintaining the product listing, customer acquisition & screening, payments and logistics.
  • We will inform you when a rental inquiry for your product comes to us. On your confirmation, we shall process the inquiry and receive the rental payment from the customer. Once confirmed, you cannot cancel the order.
  • Bragpacker shall decide the appropriate rental for the product, typically between Rs. 50 to Rs. 100 per day depending on the demand and condition of the product. Additionally, we shall also decide on a minimum rental period, refundable security deposit and delivery charges applicable.
  • Our Terms of Use shall be applicable on your products rented out by us as well.
  • We may pickup the product upto two days before the start of the product rental period and will return the product within three days of the end of the rental period. This is to allow for product checks before and after the rental.
  • We have devised two plans for your to choose from, based on the revenue sharing and damage liability sharing model you assume, as below;

80:20 PLAN

  • As the name suggests, the rental fee will be split between you and Bragpacker in the ratio of 80% (to you) and 20 % (to us)
  • Here, Bragpacker’s liability on account of any product damage/loss shall be restricted to the amount of security deposit collected from the customer – typically 20% of the product retail value. We will, ofcourse, assist you in recouping any further amount of loss from the customer directly as per the  damage policy
  • All products sold on Bragpacker will also have the 80:20 commission structure

60:40 PLAN

  • Here, the rental fee will be split between you and Bragpacker in the ratio of 60% (to you) and 40 % (to us)
  • Under this plan, we will provide an additional cover to you for any loss upto 50% of the retail value of the product to cover for any repair or replacement due to product damage/loss during the rental period not collected from the customer.


  • Click on the link below to submit product details (will only take a minute).
  • Email us product pictures at
  • Call us on 9004 998998 for any queries.