Bragpacker Safety Code

Safe and sanitized gear that you will be proud to use

We have always promised you equipment that you would be proud to use and that commitment continues. And that includes providing gear that is safe and sanitized for you.

This commitment to safety begins with ownership. We are not a marketplace – we own the gear we rent out. This ensures that we have complete control over it’s storage, cleaning and maintenance. No reliance of 3rd parties, No excuses.

Additionally, we have put in place a best in the class process to ensure that our gear reaches you completely sanitized through our new Safety Code, whereby:

  • Every equipment is disinfected for pathogens with WHO-approved UVC light
  • We use the same cleaning agents as hospitals do. Our gear is as clean as a surgeon’s scalpel.
  • Each product will now go through a cool-off/quarantine period between orders.
  • We have our own Inhouse delivery staff, which is trained and equipped for the job. They will even do a cleaning of contact parts again, at your doorstep.
  • Our entire renting process has been made contactless with no paperwork.

With these measures, we are confident that our equipment will be as safe to use for you as your own. Call us on 9004 998 998 or email us on for any concerns

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