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This high powered handheld UVC wand can disinfect any surface in seconds. Lightweight and highly portable, it is a one device solution to disinfecting everything from your mobile phone, food items or even your door knobs. Uses original Philips 11W UVC tubes for reliable disinfection.

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This is a powerful handheld UVC device that is capable of disinfecting all kinds of surfaces and products in your home and office within seconds.

  • Handheld device you can take anywhere
  • Uses ISI approved Philips UVC light
  • Lightweight – ideal for zapping high contact surfaces and items including coins, door handles and even sofas, tables and mattresses
  • Can be used to disinfect food and food packets as well, with appropriate dosage

About UVC technology:

UVC disinfection is probably already being used at your home – In your water purifier! Ultra Violet light (C band) is a very effective way to disinfect against a wide variety of pathogens and is widely used in the food industry, in hospitals and homes. Our UVC devises have been especially designed to deploy this technology safely in your home and office for surface disinfection.

How to use:

  • Simply plug in the Wand and slowly pass it over the surface/ items to disinfect.
  • Keep the wand within 1 inch of the surface to disinfect as far as possible. Increase exposure time if disinfecting from further away
  • You may turn the products around so all sides are disinfected.
  • Note that only the surface on which the light falls is disinfected and not the insides.
  • Use on table surfaces, doors, switches, food packets, personal items, clothes, pillows etc

Warning: Direct exposure to UVC light can be harmful for your skin and eyes. Please donot stare directly at the light source and wear gloves/googles when using the Wand.


Technical Specifications:

UVC light 254 nm Wavelength
Watts 11 W
Lamp Lifespan 11000 hours
Dosage 3.1 mW/cm2
Material Powder Coated MS Steel
Dimensions (inches) 14’’ x 3” x 1.5”
Weight 0.6 kg

Safety Precaution:

This UVC device emits powerful UVC light and can cause harm if safety precautions are not adhered to. Operator has to ensure that the UV light does not fall on skin or eyes of anybody. Safety gear such as eye googles/ face shield etc and gloves are recommended for the operator when using this device.

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