Warmee Body Warmers (Pack of 6)

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Body warmer is an air activated, ready to use heating pouch which does not need any electricity or hot water. You can use it anywhere and everywhere, simply open it from the wrapper and it will start oozing heat. These Warmees are the only ones we have tested, that remain warm for 8 hours or more. Warmee is made of absolutely safe and natural ingredients and it is ISO certified.
Place the activated Body Warmee near your chest or in your pockets, or in your sleeping bag.
Buy Warmees worth Rs 1200 or more and get 10% off. Use code Warm10 at checkout.
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Kit Contains

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  • Universal Charger – A universal charger with 2 USB ports to charge the device
  • USB Cable – A 2-in-1 micro USB cable to charge your devices
  • User Manual – A hands-on manual for optimum usage of the TripperWiFi device
  • Delivery Time: We will ship within 48 hours of order confirmation.



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