Warmee Hand Warmers (Pack of 4 Pairs)

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Hand warmer is an air activated ready to use heating pouch which does not need any electricity or hot water.

You can use it anywhere and everywhere, simply open it from the wrapper and it will start oozing heat. These Warmees are the only ones we have tested, that remain warm for 8 hours or more. Warmee is made of absolutely safe and natural ingredients and it is ISO certified.
Hand warmers are smaller in size compared to body warmers and are to be used in pairs , slip them into your gloves or boots to keep you warm.
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• Air Activated – Just remove the warmee sachet from the individual packaging it comes in. Shake it for 30 seconds to activate it and then keep it in a contained space such as a pocket. It will start generating heat within minutes and stay warm for upto 8 hours.
• 100% Safe And Natural Ingredients – Safe To Carry On Flights
• Light Weight , Easy To Carry , Easy To Dispose
• Keeps You Warm For 8+ Hours
• Keeps You Warm even upto -30°C Temperatures.




  • Brand – ‎WARMEE
  • Length ‎- 9 Centimeters
  • Width ‎- 7 Centimeters
  • Weight ‎- 240 Grams
  • Shape ‎- Rectangle
  • Material Composition – ‎Vermiculite iron, water and activated carbon
  • Number of Pieces ‎- 4 Pairs
  • Outer Material ‎- Plastic
  • Size ‎- free size


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