Methi Thepla

Rs 180

The quintessential travel food for so many, made accessible and easy for everyone. Tastes just as delicious as home-made theplas. Contains two packets of 7 theplas each.

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This is a Pack of Vacuum packed Theplas in 2 sets of 7 Theplas each.

They are pre-cooked Theplas.

Steps to Heat the Thepla:

1. Pan: Do not directly heat the Thepla on a pan with direct flame underneath. Switch of the pan and let it be moderately hot and only then keep the Thepla.
2. Microwave: keep the Thepla in a microwave for 5-10sec only.
3. Steam heat: Keep the Thepla on top of a closed metal vessel which has been used for cooking or boiling water. Do not keep the Thepla while the stove is on for the same.


Consume in 30 days from the date of manufacturing. Store in a cool place.

Theplas are made fresh the next working day of the order, so the order will be dispatched 2 working days from the day of the order.



  • Shipping is Rs 50 to anywhere in Mumbai and managed directly by the brand
  • Please budget for a minimum of 3 working days for delivery of product. For urgent deliveries (within 24 hours), give us a call on 9004998998, expedited delivery may be possible for additional shipping fee.
  • Return/Refund policy will be as per Eat Easy Foods extant policy.


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