6 Packing Hacks for Business Trips

Packing well is a skill – and more so for globe-trotting frequent fliers. Unlike on vacation, you generally don’t have a lot of time to unpack, or go shopping if you forgot to carry something. When you’re on a work-related trip, time is precious because the stay is usually short and last minute travelling is always a possibility. Thus, it requires a level of planning – your aim is to look polished, stay organized, and not forget anything important—all while keeping your luggage light and easy to carry. Here are some easy hacks to achieve all that-

  1. Select the right bag: This not only depends on the duration of the trip, it also depends on the look you want to project. In all cases, the luggage you carry is just as important as the suit you wear! Spending on a well-designed, branded overnighter is almost unavoidable – unless you rent it, ofcourse! (helpful link here :))
  2. Go for neutral colours: Avoiding bright colours in your choices of clothes and accessories ensures everything matches and therefore you carry less and are able to mix and match to get the most out of what you carry!
  3. Avoid check-in: Checking in makes for a very cumbersome travelling experience and potentially hazardous delays, especially if you’re jet-setting meeting to meeting. Remember though, that cabin luggage rules strictly mean no liquids larger than 100ml, so carry sample sizes of toiletries.
  4. Be Crease free: No matter how fancy your suit, if your shirt/tie/jacket is wrinkled you will project an unprofessional image. Use of packing cubes, suit sleeves, and folding techniques such as rolling of clothes is highly advisable. If all fails, be ready to spend on the laundry service at the hotel. And always, always, carry a spare change to manage accidental spills on the flight. In the same breath, never forget to keep your shoes polished.
  5. Be gadget wise: Business trips and gadgets go together. Noise cancellation headphones for those red eye flights, powerbanks to keep your laptop/ phones charged, chargers/cables/ adapters to remain connected, wherever you go, are all now travel essentials for frequent fliers in a hurry. So choose your gadgets carefully, so that they enhance your productivity and not bulk up your bags.
  6. Organize your paperwork: Make sure you have adequate files/folders/ envelopes to organize your paperwork be it for the presentation or the keep your receipts for expense reimbursements. Don’t just rely on office supplies here, invest in good quality card holders and multipurpose folders – it will go a long way in giving you a complete yuppie look.

Here’s hoping you clock those frequent flier miles in style!

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