6 Ways To Get More Out Of Your GoPro

GoPros and the like have completely changed photography for the better. For adventure enthusiasts, it’s been a special boon – by managing to capture moments previously thought impossible, it has transformed the face of action photography. And while the cameras itself are easy enough to use with only two buttons, some basics needs to be kept in mind while using a GoPro. Here are six important things to keep in mind for making the most out of your GoPro:

Battery: The GoPro battery infamously lasts only about an hour while recording video, so grab atleast a couple of extra batteries to take with you, or get an extended battery that you can attach to the back of your GoPro.

Memory card: The GoPro website (link here) cites some guidelines for picking the right memory cards. Remember to use class 10 or above, and ensure it can at least pack in 32 GB.

Accessorize: When it comes to action cameras, they are only as good as the accessories you get with it – from a handy mount that could stabilise the shots, to remote controls, head straps – they all make the GoPro an invincible piece of equipment that can handle any conditions and go where no other camera can venture.


The classic helmet mount has many variants, giving you a wide variety of angles to shoot your bike rides


Experiment with angles: The fish eye lens is the perfect way to capture a panoramic shot that captures all the action, but the real fun is in discovering new angles and perspectives to really optimise all that this incredible camera can do.

Editing: You can use basic (and free) editing software such as the GoPro Studio 2.0 to stitch your footage together. Remember, brevity is key. Also take additional help from filters, you’d be surprised at how much difference a colour correcting filter can make.

Tutorials: There are some great tutorials out there that can tell you all your GoPro is capable of doing, like this timelapse tutorial beautifully decodes how to take stunning shots; the GoPro channel is constantly updating their how-to-use videos and this one has some handy tips on editing your footage.

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So next time you take a leap of faith, record it in HD 🙂


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