Bragpacker Round-Up – Travel News – Week of December 16th

The year is ending, but the travel industry is full of exciting updates picking up with each passing moment. This week’s edition of our travel news round-up features five key headlines, ranging from tips for zero-waste travelling and ultralight travel clothing for landscape photography to adventure sports insurance coverage and everything else in between. Read on!

9 Tips For Zero-Waste Traveling 

All’s well in your zero-waste lifestyle when you don’t really have to leave the comfort of your own home. Home is where your low-impact bidet is and where you can make the most conscious decisions about how you live your life and how you affect your own carbon footprint. But the second you step foot out of your own home, living zero-waste is a whole new ballgame. What’s the key to staying true to your zero-waste values while traveling? Here are some important tips for traveling while living zero-waste!

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Diving? Find Out If Your Insurance Policy Covers Adventure Sports

Vacationing is often synonymous with indulging in brand new experiences, often times adventure sports. Skydiving. Bungee jumping. Mountaineering. Scuba Diving. Parasailing. All of these activities are picking up among new age travellers. But, these activities do carry a certain risk factor of potential injuries. Find out more about insurance policies to cover your next adventure.

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Has Your Plane Touched Down, But Not Landed?

If you’ve experienced a “balked” landing where your plane has touched down but not precisely landed and then goes around and around, find out more about why this happens. FlightSafety International’s executive director of advance programs, Dann Runik shed light on this safe tactic down to the nitty-gritty details.

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Tips To Travel Like A Food Editor 

Some people eat to live. Some people live to eat. If you fall into the latter category, then get ready for some tips to help you travel like a food editor. From snacking to sipping to dining, find out how to enjoy your travel experience like a pro by clicking on the link below!

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Ultralight Travel Clothing Guide For Landscape Photography

If you’re guilty of packing tons of bags for a landscape photography trip and really want to travel with more ease for your shoots, then you’ll be delighted to see tips that will cut down the excess kilos you’re carrying.’s handy guide sheds light on ultralight travel clothing that will not only cut down on the weight you’re hauling and be useful for all sort of weather conditions, but also decrease time spent on washing your laundry on-the-go.

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