Do you want to be a digital nomad?

Globalisation and globetrotting were buzzwords for Gen Y. Seeing the world with a tie on, jetsetting between airports seemed glamorous enough. But the Millennials are greedier beings – they dream of flipping the travel for work equation on it’s head. So what if we told you, it is now possible to have a lifestyle where you can travel, work and explore the world all at the same time?

Unbelievable, but true. Meet the Digital Nomads. 

Banking on super speed internet networks, portable devices and emerging online job profiles; the digital nomad lifestyle has evolved as the millennial must-do. Think exotic locations, local food and new adventures all without asking for leave from your employer. Balancing the need to work and the urge to travel, becoming a digital nomad is the craziest way to escape the 9 to 5 desk job of yore and achieve your aspirations of financial independence and emotional bliss.

Digital nomads are people who are not confined to a particular place to live or work and mostly use technology extensively to do their job. Creative acumen and/or techie skills is all you need to pack for yourself. Writers and designers, social media managers, developers and entrepreneurs in similar industries have made the digital nomad title seem possible. All they need is a steady internet connection and a laptop. Minimalist gear to fund their work-cum-travel lifestyle. 

The ideas of an virtual office or work-from-home has been around for a while and becoming increasingly normal. Some choose to to push this trend to it’s (logical) extreme and make their home where the sun shines brightest. Not only does it allow you to explore a new place, but also network with with the global with-it crowd. Depending on your location, the diversity can in fact act as a catalyst for your career too.

With co working cafes and spaces cropping up in major cities of the world, this trend is well supported. There are a few structured programmes too that facilitate this lifestyle. Many like give you a chance to live in 12 different countries in 12 months. While you continue to pursue your remote job, they take care of your accommodation, settling in and workplace needs, so that you can simply focus on your nomadic life and work.

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If you think you have it in you to opt for such a lifestyle, consider which skill you possess that can be commercially valuable and yet not tie you up to a place. As a first step, try to take up freelance engagements through your network or sites such as There are plenty of websites out there which help free lancers get work across industry and skill levels. Truly, the opportunities are endless.

However, do not expect stability or big money, atleast to start with with this lifestyle. This is an option for people who just dont see themselves as desk jobbers and can handle the uncertainties that come with this unconventional choice of lifestyle.

Having said that, taking your first step to being a digital nomad is easier than you think and it may be the coolest career choice out there at this time!

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