Hostels Vs Hotels – Here’s How To Decide

If you’re someone who is traveling on a budget, chances are you’re probably wondering if you should opt for a hotel or hostel. Where you stay during your vacation is going to impact your overall travel experience, so decide smartly with these 4 tips –

1. Consider your Budget

If you are on a budget, it comes down to where you want to spend your money. While hostels may offer cost savings compared to hotels, there are other luxuries or essentials you may have to let go. If you are not able to compromise on either, then the third way is to assess if can you cut back on some other expense head like your local travel expenses, or boozy nights? With a little bit of re-budgeting, you might be able to chalk out sufficient funds for a hotel stay. Or, you might be able to divide your stay across a hotel for a few nights and a hostel for the remaining portion.




2. Consider Your Aspirations

If meeting new people while traveling is a priority for you, then hostels are a great way to connect with other travellers and make new friendships – this can be especially comforting if you are a solo traveller. However, if you need absolute privacy and shudder at the thought of sharing bathrooms, then a budget hotel is probably your best bet. Do you like trying out new things? Or, do you need predictability? Identify what it is you need most from your stay experience.

3. Consider Your Actual Schedule

If the whole point of your trip is to relax and you anticipate spending a lot of time inside your room, then opting for a hotel with a lot of on-site facilities like a spa and pool is a good idea. However, if you are traveling for a photography focused trip and literally just need a place to crash at for a few hours, save money by opting for a hostel.



4. Consider The Specifics

Location matters a lot. Typically, the best known hostels will be centrally located near buzzing areas of the city, thus providing excellent access. Well located hotels are the priciest so your budget may drive you away from the city center and add additional transportation costs. On the other hand, an included free breakfast at a hotel can help save on food expenses, especially in big cities where restaurants can be quite expensive. Amenities such as Wifi, laundry, gym can also help save cost and add convenience. So make sure you take these specifics into account before making a decision

Hostel Hotel
Travel like a local Travel like a tourist
Unpredictable and adventurous Predicable and safe
Opportunities to meet new people Privacy and solitude
Affordable Typically more expensive
Communal experience Wider range of facilities and services
Convenient for affordable crashing Ideal for spending more indoor time


We hope these four important pointers will help you decide between checking into a hostel or hotel. If you have any specific questions, comment below and ask away!

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