Say Cheese! Don’t Buy Your Camera – Rent it

Are you feeling the itch to buy a new camera? Don’t. Renting a camera is a much smarter idea, and here are four key reasons why

1. Stay Current

Cameras become obsolete very quickly. Not only do the models change, but so do technical aspects, such as the switch from point-and-shoot cameras to DSLRs, drones and GoPros. And, now, everyone is raving about 360-degree cameras. Purchasing a new camera every single time cameras with better specs release can be a ridiculously costly venture. However, renting a camera allows you to always reap the benefits of the best technology at a lower cost.



2. Make It Count

Unless you are actually photographing actively throughout month, there is no real reason for you to purchase a camera if you’re actually  going to use it barely a handful of times during the entire year. Think about it – if you use your camera only when travelling and a function or two, you will be using it for less than 25 days out of 365. Renting a camera for that long will cost you as little as Rs 5000 and you can take the kind that works the best for your needs.



3. Maintenance 

In cities like Mumbai, most cameras and lenses develop fungus due to moisture. This can end up destroying the optics permanently. Furthermore, the cost of cleaning your camera and lenses can add up quickly. Renting helps you essentially outsource the maintenance and upkeep.



4. Matching your camera to your needs 

Each trip and each event requires very specific photography gear to get the best results. For example, a birthday can be captured best with a DSLR and a prime lens. A wildlife safari will require a super zoom lens. A GoPro will work best for a trekking trip. Additionally, the accessories you need will also wary i.e memory cards, batteries, tripods, gimbals etc. Renting these from a well stocked entity like Bragpacker is far easier and significantly more cost effective.

Still feel like purchasing a camera instead of renting one? Comment below and let us know why!

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