The 10 most happening camping spots to party at this new year’s eve

Ditch the mainstream party scenes in the city, because we’ve got some great camping events that you can escape off to and celebrate this New Year’s Eve. These camping sites will let you unwind and indulge in the goodness of being amidst nature and partying under the star studded skies far away from cityscapes. What better way than this to bring in the New Year !


New Year’s Beach – Pool Party

Beach – pool party scenes are quickly catching up with the party scenes in the city. Letting you in on a perfect Mumbai style New Year bash, with some great live music and party buzzed beach setup, you’re in for a party that is one of its kinds. Add to the scene some of the best delicacies and mind blowing drinks from the menu and you’re all set to welcome New Year.

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New Year Camping at Bhatsa River

If you are looking to escape a jam packed city party scene you can pack and get ready for some camping under the stars, away from the crowd. Just about 75 Kms from the city is the scenic escape that will let you party at sunset and camp along the river side of Bhatsa River. The luscious green along this river plays perfect spot for a great outdoor party. There’s going to be fun movie screenings, Live music, tent stay, trekking and of course some great food!

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New Year Camping at Bhandardara

At a height of about 3000 ft. this is one of the top destinations for camping near Pune. As a popular resort village that has been hosting holiday parties and events, Bhandardara never fails to offer some fun camping events. This is the perfect spot if you need some unwinding from a usual routine and meet travellers chilling at a mellow zone.

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New Year Camping at Prabalmachi

An hour trek up Prabalgad fort and you’re in for a stunning view. There cannot be anything better than catching the New Year morning sunrise after an hour of trekking up and camping out. Pitch tents and camp under the stars and enjoy your time of peace, away from the cityscapes. The place is just  116 Kms away from Pune and just about 47 Kms from Mumbai. The trail up the fort shows a beautiful view and is perfect to trigger the adventure junkie in you.

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New Year Camping at Vaitarna

Let yourself in on some fun adventure camping at Vaitarna this New Years, if you are looking for a a scenic getaway with your thickest friends. Pitch tents out in the wild and party your way into the New Year.

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New Year Camping at Vandri Lake

Just about 82 Kms from Mumbai and about 213 Kms from Pune is the serene Vandri Lake. A perfect spot for some camping adventure and some relaxed swimming sessions. The place is untapped and is conveniently hidden from the crowds. Perfect for an escape from all the noise, you can camp along the lake-side and enjoy a party this New Year’s.

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New Year Camping at Malshej Ghat

Malshej Ghat is perfect for an epic adventure camping experience that is not too far from Mumbai and Pune. A 127 Kms drive from Mumbai and 138 Kms from Pune will lead you to the Malshej Ghat, one of the most scenic quick getaways. At an altitude of 2300 ft. Mashej Ghat is a perfect destination for a nature lover to unwind this New Year’s Eve. Wildlife and nature enthusiasts, head here to catch a stunning glimpse of the Pink Flamingos. Get on an adventure camping and trekking for an epic New Year celebration.

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New Year Camping at Pawna

Give nature a chance to wrap you under the star studded skies, while the lake plays the perfect backdrop at this stunner picnic spot. 61 Kms from Pune and 127 Kms from Mumbai is the serene Pawna Lake, surrounded by the Sahyadri Ranges. The campsites here host the best camping parties throughout the year. New Parties here are going to be epic with camping, live music, food, bonfire, and a view that would not for a minute let you regret quitting a city party for the New Year’s Eve this year.

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New Year Camping at Mohili Inam

Mohili Inam, a quaint hamlet in Raigad is known for the resorts and campsites that host the best parties for people looking to escape from the city. Nestled between hills and surrounded by stretches of green, the place plays the perfect kind of ‘unwind’.

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New Year Camping at Lonavala

Fancy a hilltop party? Goa would take the back seat here at Lonavala. As one of the most popular getaways from both Mumbai and Pune, Lonavala has been the perfect party host for years now. Stunning views along the drive and the party buzz in the air only means that Lonavala is going to hit you up with some fun New Year celebrations. Relish on some yummy local food, barbecue while getting tipsy over great drinks and thumping music at the parties here!

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There! You now have no excuse to make this an epic and unique New Year’s Eve! Drive and party safe !

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