The spectacular destinations seen in Game of Thrones

How does one fill in the vacuum of waiting for the next season of GoT. Simply by packing your bags and heading to the real-life locations that personify your favourite TV show. If you too cannot get enough the popular series, book your tickets to one of these destinations to get up, close and personal with the larger-than-life drama series.

These destinations are anyway spectacular and worth visiting in their own right. The kicks you will get in seeing the actual landscapes used in GoT as a fan is just an added bonus


Reel life: King’s Landing

Real life: Dubrovnik

Growing extremely popular this historic city lies on the shore of the Adriatic Sea. Rewind to Season 2 and you will notice the King’s Landing resonates with the old walled city of Dubrovnik full of stone walls, high cliffs with views overlooking the old city and the sea. One of the grandest sets ever, the Purple Wedding Feast was set in Dubrovnik Gradac Park. You can visit this large public park and also climb the century old steps Revisit Cersei’s walk of penance as you stroll through Stradun –main street between the Dubrovnik Cathedral and Sponza Palace



Reel life: Winterfell, The North

Real life: Northern Ireland

The perpetual rainy/ cloudy weather in Ireland worked to its advantage for this one. The less-sunshine land was used to depict Winterfell, the North, and other less sunny parts of the Seven Kingdoms. ‘Winter is coming, was as if coined just for Ireland. Follow the footsteps of Family Stark and explore the areas of Downpatrick and County Down, and the adjacent Audley’s Castle and Woods to re live the family’s war encampment. The abandoned Magheramorne Quarry, further up north will rejig memories of the epic Hardhome battle sequence. One of Ireland’s most popular sites Ballymoney’s Dark Hedges were also the backdrop for the iconic Kingsroad. Make sure not to miss it.


Reel life: Dothraki Holy Land

Real life: Mourne Mountains

The highest mountain range in Ireland, these granite mountains paved the way for Dany’s entrance into the Dothraki holy land. While the grand set up, horses and massive gates may be missing the sight of the mountains themselves is quite breathtaking mountains.



Reel life: Land Beyond the Wall

Real life: Vatnajokull National Park and Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon

Barren and mystical, Iceland is not nicknamed the Land of Ice and Fire for nothing. The natural landscape of the region with snow capped mountains, bare land was as mythical as the producers wanted it to be and yet real. Without much post production to the landscape, the locales of Iceland were perfect to recreate the the land Beyond The Wall. Europe’s largest ice cap– the Jokulsarlon Glacial Lagoon is a must see. Another popular location for films is the nearby Vatnajokull National Park which is open for visitors too. The best time to visit are the summer months from April to October. Make sure to include Lake Myvatn that has unique lava formations, called “black castles”.



Reel life: Yunkai

Real life:  Kasbah Ait Benhaddou

Morocco was where the earliest King’s Landing was set (pilot episode) but it remains a GoT favourite nevertheless. A visit to the UNESCO World Heritage site Aït Benhaddou that also represents Yunkai or the Yellow City will check two must-sees off your list in one go. A giant fortress, it has kasbahs – sandy citadels surrounded by high walls– it was on the caravan route between Sudan and Marrakesh. Dating back to the 17th century these kasbahs have also set the backdrop in films like Lawrence of Arabia, The Mummy, and Gladiator.


Reel life: Astapor

Real life:  Essaouira

Morocco has a deep rooted civilisation that is clearly apparent in some of the long standing monuments. Another UNESCO World Heritage site, Essaouira was the slave-trading city of Astapor that had the Plaza of Pride and the Palace of The Good Masters in GoT. But in real life, this charming city is buzzing with culture, historical glam and beautiful sea views.



Reel life: Dorne

Real life:  The Royal Alcazars of Seville

Although it came in only Season 5, Spain and its medieval history were a natural part of the plot. Martell’s Dorne’s history in the novels is inspired by medieval Spain. A region in southern Spain, Seville, and the the famous Alcazar of Seville served as Jaime and Bronn’s rescue attempt in the Dornish Water Gardens.  A lot more of it is also seen in Season 6. Home to the royal family in Seville, the palatial gardens of Alcazar were transformed into the Water Gardens of Dorne. But that is not its only claim to fame. A hotspot with tourists it is claimed to attract over 8,000 visitors each day. GoT fan or not you Spain itinerary would be incomplete without a visit to the Alcazar.

Winter is here, so it is better you get the best of these locations while summer lasts. 

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