Travel Safety Tips From 5 Ace Travel Bloggers

Regardless of whether you’re an avid traveller or someone who has just discovered the wanderlust within them recently, travel safety is something very important to be mindful of when exploring new places. We caught up with five top-notch travel bloggers to ask them for some expert advice on travel safety, and here’s what they said –

Mridula Dwivedi, Travel Tales from India and Abroad

As a woman traveler I look at the local women for comfort – If they are out in numbers at a place, I know it is safe. Always be vigilant about cameras, phone, etc. We get so engrossed in the scene that we are easy targets for pick pockets! Learn to walk away from places and people that make you uncomfortable. Listen to your gut feeling.


Umang Trivedi, Travelmax

Interacting with people from new backgrounds, cultures and countries can be really fulfilling as you open yourselves to the world. You meet these people and start trusting them and have a drink or two. Next day, you don’t mind getting sloshed. This is when you are really putting venturing in the unsafe zone. When I had gone to Indonesia for a month, I remember this girl who got drunk and passed out in our hostel, only to discover that her wallet was missing in the morning. In her state of unconsciousness, a lot worse could have happened. So, make friends and interact with people, but don’t entrust them with your safety. Another behavior I have seen while traveling is when people get excited upon receiving a very warm response from a complete stranger, they believe, “Wow, people are so nice here!” But, more often than you think, they are being over-friendly because their eyes are on your mobile phone or credit card. While you think of this stranger as a friend, they are just waiting for a dark corner to appear. This may seem like a pessimistic thought, but it will help you stay safe.

Sai Karthik Reddy Mekala, Romancing The Planet & Add Some Curry

Do not take all the cash with you. Instead, leave some at the locker in your hotel, so you have a backup when you loose your wallet or get pick-pocketed. Before you travel to a destination, research about scams so you are aware and have self-defence from con artists. And, always let someone know about your whereabouts; email and message your family and friends regularly.

Lakshmi Sharath, Travel With Lakshmi 

Always blend in with the locals. Do not accept drinks from strangers. And, never arrive in a new destination after sunset – if you are landing late, then stay in an airport hotel {or, close to the airport} and then head to the city.



Supriya Sehgal

If you’re going off-the-radar for a while, leave your closest possible co-ordinates and the date/time you’ll be back in connectivity with people back home. For example, I was in Guyana last month and was heading to the interiors of savannah and dense rainforests for a week. I contacted my folks from the last point of connectivity, and they knew exactly when I was returning. No heartaches. As a guidebook author, I’ve had to travel alone in India on long trips in cabs. I always sit in the front seat because it gives me a chance to chat with the driver, know more about him on equal grounds rather than being ferried around sitting at the back. It has resulted in better camaraderie, and most drivers have taken it upon themselves to ensure I get to places safely. Lunch invitations with their families has been an added plus!


Bragpacker take:

Apart from the excellent real world advice from these travel experts, do not underestimate the role of the right equipment in ensuring your safety. Never travel with a travel first aid kit appropriate for your needs and trip (Click here to see how to build one). Bragpacker has a whole section on travel safety products which includes door alarms, portable safes, pepper spray, pee buddy . Ensure that you carry travel tested equipment with you – a broken suitcase or a torn shoe can not only ruin your plans but also put you in a compromised position. #travelequipped to #travel safe

We hope these tips will help you stay safe so you have a stress-free experience while travelling. If you have a travel safety tip you’d like to share, comment below and let us know.

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