Upgrade your road trips with these essentials

We all love it. We all want to do it at least once every season. Yes, we mean that road trip where the highways stretch for miles in front and your daily routine not even a speck on the RVM. At the same time, the tarmac can seem a bit hard on the bum. But if that dilemma is dimming your excitement, refer to these road trip packing essentials and strut them all you want on the road.

Favourite Music

First things first. The best thing about road trips has to be music from your favourite bands.  Your mood is likely to change quicker than you think, especially when you get into unlucky situations. Load your music player with all kinds of music and if you have the time put together a special playlist for the road.  Even if you don’t, allow the good ole radio to surprise you once in a while.

Go Pro

go pro

Trips may not last, but memories do. Make use of new age technology and keep the bulky SLR at home this time. The compact Go Pro is best for road trips (Rent for: Rs. 490/day). Easily mountable inside the car or on the wind screen, it will capture your journey just like you saw it. With built-in touch display for easy camera control, shot-framing and playback the 2-inch LCD monitor comes enables easy sharing via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. It can not only shoot both photos and videos but also equally amazing stills at night.


Feed the foodie

Whats a party without food (and drinks)! You will not always have the luxury to make a stop just to refill your belly. Save time and avoid hunger pangs by stocking snacks and drinks, in style. One easy way to upgrade your road trip to BMW levels is to take along a portable car fridge (Rent from: Rs. 150/day). This will keep your drinks cold and your food warm , as you please. Beers, too ofcourse (we have to add though, the driver should abstain from this temptation)


Sleep under the stars

Did you hit the road just to sleep in fancy hotels? Take the wanderlust to a whole new level by pitching your own tent under the stars. A tent, a sleeping bag and maybe a tent light is all you need to get a wilder experience under the stars (Rent from: Rs. 125/day). Tip: Mount your Go Pro on a tripod, point it to the sky and capture your very own star trek; all while you catch those forty winks.



Portable power

Music, GPS, phones and laptops all need power to run. And the power banks are not enough. On a road trip you need a charging adapter that uses the power from your car battery to charge your gadgets. A simple car adapter or the more versatile car inverter (Rent from: Rs. 100/day) can make a whole lot of difference to partying on the road


Safety/ Emergency Kit

Last but definitely not the least, car and personal safety/ emergency equipment is an absolute must (Rent from: Rs. 100/day). Being prepared for whatever comes your way is the attitude needed for road trips and if you are not equipped for it then you are just being fool hardy. From tyre puncture kits/ portable tyre inflators for breakdowns, to fire extinguishers and a first aid kit for responding to emergencies, a car safety kit can make a life saving difference to your trip. Never contemplate a trip without it!


As we say at Bragpacker, Travel Equipped to Travel Well. Enjoy the Road!


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