5 Bragpacking Diwali Gifts For The Savvy Traveller

The gifting season is officially here! While all a traveller needs is a thirst to seek new adventures, having some accessories will surely help make the trip a smoother experience. And at Bragpacker, our Try & Buy offer is the best gift you can give a traveller, apart from actual tickets. It eliminates the possibility of Buyer’s regret and it offers the best return policy out there.

Here are some of our picks from our range of travel products that are guaranteed to make it them feel special.

lowepro_3Camera accessories: The shutterbugs will agree – there can never be a lot of camera accessories! From lenses (like these here) to waterproof camera cases, to even a tripod – a photography enthusiast will love to carry it on his latest adventures. And these accessories cover a wide price range.


deuter-futura-20-sl-hikingrucksack-blueberry-magenta-neu.de.34194.3503Backpacks: Luggage can be a drag (no puns intended) and knowing the kind of bag one needs eases a lot of the stress. Backpacks (like this one) are great gifts that can last for a lifetime and become treasured possessions for a passionate traveller.


wash-bag-tour-iii_ver2Travel pouches:
The ones we keep are super stylish and loaded with features. The little things matter a lot, and like any traveller will tell you, a multi-purpose travel pouch (like these ones) are absolute essentials helping organize your bag and containing accidents due to leaks and bursts.


AnmolKhakhibabycarrierBaby carriers: For a new parents, baby carriers can be life savers not only on the road but for day to day activities as it allows the parent to move around hands free with their baby. Most parents load up on most baby essentials, yet baby carriers are perhaps not as common. With our Try & Buy structure, they can first see if their baby adjusts to it and only then decide to buy from our range of options. Check them out here


ct08Car Fridge: Its large, its fancy and it is very “hatke”. No one will expect this gift. But for someone who loves to go on drives or even has long commutes to office, a car fridge can be a luxury and add so much fun to their trips. Choose it for the right persons and they will thank you every time they hit the road. Check them out here

You will agree that travel gear gifts are right up there on the top in terms of cool quotient and with Bragpacker’s rental and Try & Buy options you can access top class products and never worry about your gift gathering dust. Talk to us for gifting vouchers/ and gift return policies.

Do stay tuned to Bragpacker, we’re constantly updating our store to equip you for endless adventures!

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