Attending The ICC World Cup? Carry These 8 Things To The Match!

The 2019 Cricket World Cup is scheduled for May 30th-July 14th. This 12th glorious edition is all set to be hosted by England and Wales, and fans couldn’t be more excited! If you’re attending the ICC World Cup, here are 8 things to definitely carry to the match for a hassle-free experience –
img-41. A Great Camera With Zoom – No doubt, you’ll definitely want to document your experience as a true-blue cricket fan at the match. Make sure you carry a fabulous camera with solid zoom. We highly recommend the Nikon P900, which has a whopping 83x zoom! With an unprecedented zoom like that you can see the craters of the moon, so you can certain capture the tiniest details in the middle of the pitch like a pro. If you’re looking for an even more compact option, we recommend the Sony Cybershot HX90V, which has a powerful 30x zoom.


2. A Set Of Great Binoculars – Don’t have the seats you dreamed of? No worries – the Olympus 10×50 DPS Binoculars will help you see everything crystal clear from a distance! We also recommend a Mobile Mount to club along with these binoculars so you can take high quality pictures of what you see through your binoculars directly on your phone.


3. Cooling Towels – Regardless of whether the match heats up or the weather, cool down in the most practical way in a jiffy. Have a Pimm’s, wet these Instant Cooling Towels in water and feel like you’ve been transported to the Alps!


4. Monopod – Rest your camera and stabilize your shots, so they look Insta-perfect! Super light and compact enough to put in your bag, these options are perfect.

img-85. Poncho – Let’s face it, the weather is rather notoriously unpredictable where you’re going. Don’t let the weather rain on your parade. Carry a Light-Weight Poncho, instead! Much better than an umbrella too as it keeps your hands free and doesnt blow away in the wind 🙂

img-96. Flatpac Sling Bag – Pack and unpack your goodies for the stadium with ease. The Flatpac Sling Bag is super convenient as an option because it barely occupies any space and has convenient pockets inside for awesome organization.img-10

7. Toilet Seat Covers – Protect yourself from toilet seat germs with a set of waterproof, disposable Toilet Seat Covers or even a disinfectant spray. Never compromise on your hygiene!
img-118. Baby Carrier/ Hipseat – Travelling to the match with a baby? Keep your hands free with a safe and convenient baby carrier/hipseat. We recommend these options right here.

Have an awesome time at the ICC World Cup. We’re excited for you – don’t forget to tag us in images from the matches you attend!

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