Are You Overpacking For Your Trip? 5 Tell-Tale Signs!

Are you notorious for taking way too many things every time you travel? Do you try to pack your entire home when travelling? Pretty much every group has one over-packer, and so let’s see if you might just be one, too. People who are pack-a-holics tend to display the following five signs –

1) You Always Think “Worst-Case” Scenario  

Are you someone who never feels they have everything to make it through a trip? Are you suspicious it might just rain out of the blue even though the weather forecast for your journey is bright and sunny, throughout? Are you afraid your flip flops are going to come apart so you should carry a back-up? Do you always feel like you’re missing something and triple check your luggage? If you constantly think of worst possible scenarios, you probably ARE packing too many unnecessary things. Getting carried away with contingency planning is a bad habit. Try to be a bit more realistic. Marie Kondo your stuffed suitcase before you say bon voyage. If you really badly need something that you aren’t carrying, most likely you’ll be able to buy it locally.


2) You Are Too Focused On Looks

If you care about aesthetics a lot more than the actual utility / function of products you’re packing, you might be packing a lot of things that are cutesy in appearance, but actually not as useful. Try to pack things that are multi-functional. And, pay attention to whether your products are travel-specific; for example, are you making it a point to only opt for light-weight, portable options? If not, now’s the time to evolve!


3) You Are Always Packing Extra Baggage Fees

If you’re notorious for paying excess / overweight baggage fees at the airport, buddy, you’re packing too much! One should never pack to full capacity because you’re bound to probably pick up a few things while travelling, too – pros recommend only packing a tiny bit over half-capacity at most. And, rather than searching for the biggest suitcase you can get your hands on, select a smaller bag so you automatically exhibit some restraint.


4) You Barely Use Most Things You Carry 

If you barely use most of the things you travel with, you’re over-packing. Try to put some thought and effort into planning out what you really need and what you can actually obtain at the hotel (i.e. towels, hair dryers, toiletries, universal chargers, umbrellas, etc).  Rather than packing backup outfits for breakfast, lunch, tea-time and dinner, use a bit of wiser judgment and opt for color coordinated outfits, especially neutrals, that you can mix and match with bottoms. If you’re worried about laundry, perhaps check with your hotel if they can take care of that for you – then you can recycle outfits and carry even less clothes. And, don’t go nuts on footwear!


5) You Procrastinate About Packing

Procrastination is a tell-tale sign of over-packers. We tend to push away tasks that seem complex and painful and over-packers are typically highly stressed about their packing. Keeping it simple and planning your travel shopping/stocking/packing well ahead of time is the best way to avoid the last-minute-dump-everything-in-a-suitcase moment.

If the above traits sound like you, then we are afraid, you certainly are an over-packer. So, fight your instincts, organize and let go! A lighter bag is the easiest way to a happier holiday!

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