Bragpacker Reviews: Tatonka Escape 60 Backpack

What is a traveller without his backpack? Your ultimate travel buddy, a good backpack can upgrade your travel experience in so many ways. Kickstarting our product reviews, we give a close once over to the Tatonka Escape 60 Backpack, which promises to be a full featured backpack at an affordable price.

Multi functional, compact and sporty; the Tatonka Escape is not your average backpack. With a top that can be used separately and a strong carrying system that can be stowed away when flying, it has an edge above the rest in terms of functionality. Lets see if it truly is the all-rounder it claims to be

What we liked: The large panel in the front for easy access to more than half of the bag. No more unpacking the whole bag to find your socks. It also has multiple pouches in the front to store all the handy knick knacks, small clothes, etc.

What we didn’t: Tatonka has limited dealerships and service centers in India.

Bragpacker Rating: 4 of 5 stars

The details: A total capacity of 60 litres, this backpack hits the sweet spot in terms of size for trips that are 7 days and longer. Tatonka is ofcourse a very reputed German Brand that specializes in backpacks and is highly regarded in Europe.

The storage options in this Backpack are excellent. For example, the top lid has a touchpad compartment and a detachable extra pocket to store all your toileteries that can be carried separately as a pouch – they thoughtfully provide an additional strap to use this pouch independently. And you can easily leave it at home for shorter treks or use it as a shoulder bag while sight seeing. In addition to small zipped pockets in the front for quick access items, it also has mesh compartments inside so you can organize and compress your clothes – we havent seen this system in any other backpack thus far in this price range. Very interestingly, the carrying straps, which are obviously quite bulky have their own cover, stowed away at the bottom of the bag, that can be removed and zipped up over the straps. This is a super useful feature when you are checking in your backpack as it will protect the straps and ensure that the loose belts etc dont get stuck on the luggage carousel. But the best feature has to be the 3D front access to the main compartment that allow you to load the bag from above, below or front. 

Have to mention the carrying system of the backpack. It is adequately rigid and has 5 levels of adjustments, so that the straps fit everyone from a child to a tall adult, perfectly. Designed for comfort, the hipbelt-fixation allows single-handed adjustment, easily. And multiple carrying handles on the front and back and on sides allow you to port it in different ways. As a plus, the bag comes with a lockable slider and a key holder.

In terms of durability, it seems to be that part although we have seen even stronger materials being used in backpacks now.

Aesthetically, it is certainly quite unique to look at with it’s flat top and will certainly draw some 2nd looks from fellow trekkers.

Conclusion: Seasoned hikers and adventure enthusiasts, this is a good bet for you as the compartmentalization and detachable sections allow you to customise it for various activities. Overall, we like ti quite a bit and have added it to our own Rental inventory as a viable option to our Deuter backpacks.

Alternatives: The legendary backpack from the pioneering 118-year-old German, the Deuter Aircontact Backpack in 55 or 45 litres is certainly the luxury choice but also twice the price.

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