The best travel safety products you need

Away from home, outside your own culture and willing to give the comfort zone a break– thy name is travel. In the quest for unique experiences and new sights, make sure you don’t overlook the obvious. We mean, your safety. Be it epidemic diseases or the fear of being mugged, keeping yourself safe is paramount

At Bragpacker, we believe that to travel well is to travel equipped. We recommend the following products to protect you from known and unknown dangers. So for your next trip, do consider investing in these travel safety products.

For Families

  1. Door knob Covers

Kids are inquisitive and it is hard to contain their excitement in a new place. While home is a familiar territory, it can be dangerous for them to wander in a hotel or step out while you are bathing or resting. Easy to install and cheap, the door knob covers are temporary but are an effective way to childproof your hotel room or rented apartment. Best if you want to keep kids out of unsafe areas like the kitchen balcony.


  1. Motorola MBP36 Wireless Baby Monitor

A video monitor that watches over your baby while you chill by the pool, it is a real saving grace. Loaded with a 3.5″ diagonal color screen, infrared night vision, two-way communication, room temperature display, lullabies and remote pan, tilt and zoom you can use it up to a range of 300 meters. So you can move around the hotel stress free without losing sight of your baby.

Buy for: Rs. 11,580/-  or Rent for: Rs. 90/- day

  1. Toilet Sanitizer Spray & Antibacterial Wipes

Sanitation is important, especially with kids as they are more susceptible to diseases. The last thing you want from a holiday is to come back with an infection. Women are especially susceptible to UTI and other infections in toilets and a toilet sanitize can be literally a life saver. Make sure to use antibacterial wipes in the hotel or outside. Keep them handy for the airplane too and make sure to wipe the tray table, or the seat back movie screen.


For Solo travellers

  1. Travel Locks 

When you are travelling alone, you don’t have the luxury of a companion watching over your bag while you go to the bathroom or sleep on a bus. The travel lock may seem like a petty thing, but it is incredibly important. Best is to go for a cable lock that attaches  your suitcase or backpack to a fixed object, be it the dorm bed in a hostel or your train seat. 

  1. Emergency Contact Info Card

Simple as it may sound, always carry your emergency contact details written on a card in your luggage. Ideally in the overhead pockets of your bag or the back of your phone so that others can help you should you be caught in an unfortunate event.

  1. Water Purifier

When travelling to remote locations or on long road trips, donot count on potable water to be always available. Keep some water purifying tablets handy. There are also instant, handheld water filters available, which may be preferred when going deep into the wild.


For Women travellers

  1. Doorstopper alarm

No matter how expensive your hotel room is, you must be always careful as a women guest. A doorstopper alarm is a good gadget to own if you travel frequently for work or leisure. Once plugged to the door, it will sound a loud alarm if anyone tries to anyone tries to open the door while you’re in the room. And it will also jam the door, preventing the intruder from opening it.


  1. Security Money Belt

An absolute necessity while traveling overseas is the security of your passport, money and credit cards and the best way to do it is to keep them with you at all times. The Deuter Security Money belt is made to do just that. Whether worn inside or outside of clothing, the extremely smooth security belt is a comfortable way to secure all your documents.


  1. Safety whistle

Innocuous, may be, but a proven lifesaver it is. Tuck away a small whistle in your day pack or hand bag. In case of an emergency it will help attract attention and seek help. No batteries, no refills required. For a more loud, high tech solution – pick up a personal attack/ rape alarm, as they are called. These will emit high pitched sounds on the press of a button. 


For Your Valuables

  1. Tag8 Lost & Found Tags

You don’t want to lose or constantly worry about losing your bag, laptop or other valuables when travelling, do you? A tag8 is what your bags and gadgets need. Attach it to your valuables, register the product and significantly increase your chances of finding your lost valuables. tag8 provides a global lost and found recovery services that helps your luggage find you. 


  1. Slash-proof Daypacks

Worth the cost, slash-proof bags are a great anti-theft accessory for travel lovers. Almost like any other backpack or daypacks, it has a mesh armor that protect it from cuts and and other thief measures thus keeping your belongings safe. It is a must if you’re traveling to areas known for pickpockets and petty thievery.


  1. Aquapac Stormproof Mini Phone Case

The ultimate protector for your phone, without which your trip could be devastated in more ways than one. Built to protect your phone from water in all almost possible scenarios, it is also good for adventure trips. There are many waterproof pouch solutions out there, pick the one that most suits your need.


For Road trips

  1. Car Safety Kit

Your road-trip plans are incomplete without an emergency road kit. Always be prepared a little bit of everything you could need. This All-in-one Car Safety Kit that will equip you with the gear you need to respond to car breakdowns, fires, medical emergencies or accidents.

Buy for: Rs 9,500/- or Rent for: Rs. 110/ day



If you want to know where you can source any of these items, let us know. Some of them are already listed in our Gearshop and others, we can guide you to procure them reliably.

Travel Safe and Travel Equipped !

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