Bragpacking France: What to Pack, Eat, See, Do

The sun is shining and how. Its the perfect time to get on a flight to your next adventure. To help you out a little, we are doing a special summer destination guide to tell you our take on what you must Pack, Eat, See & Do for some of the most popular summer destinations for 2017.

The first up in the series is the land of cheese, wine and romance. Yes, we mean France.

What to Pack


  1. Deuter Helion 60: This is your ultimate travel trolley bag that packs like a suitcase and doubles up as a backpack, all with a lot of style – perfect to breeze through airports, keep your jacket/gown uncrumpled and at the same time be able to carry on your shoulder when needed. (Rent/Try for: Rs.250/day, Buy for: Rs. 17,990/-)
  2.  Wide Angle Lens: With some of the greatest museums and architectural marvels in the world, France is one destination where a wide angle lens such as the Canon 10-22mm (Rent for: Rs. 400/day) or the Nikon 12-24mm (Rent for Rs. 700/day) can be immensely useful in capturing the full picture
  3. Google Translate App: The French’s passion for their language is legendary and so are traveller’s woes to explain themselves in this country. The Goolge app works beautifully now to instantly do a voice translation from English/Hindi to French. It can be a life saver
  4. Camera Bag: France is one place you want to keep your style quotient high. A nifty camera bag will not only keep your gear safe but will ensure that you look the part (Rent for: Rs. 90/day)


What to Eatimg-5

  1. Moules Marinières– Considered fast food in France, this mussels and french fries dish comes from Normandy and translates to sailor-style mussels.
  2. Croque-monsieur– The French version of a grilled cheese sandwich, it features jambon (ham) and melted gruyère cheese on the inside, with rich béchamel sauce oozing out all over the sandwich.
  3. Profiteroles– Move over macaroons and try these little puff pastries filled with vanilla ice cream and topped with velvety chocolate sauce.
  4. Duck confit-Originally devised to preserve fresh duck meat for future consumption, duck thighs are cooked in their own fat until the skin turns golden and crisp. Mostly served with pommes sarladaises, and buttery potatoes sautéed in duck fat and garlic.


What to See

  1. img-6Catacombes de Paris– Quite a hidden treasure, this is not for the faint hearted. With skeletal remains of some 6 to 7 million former Parisians, the few parts of it open to the public unleash some of  the city’s stunning secrets.
  2. Mont Saint-Michel– This 1,300 year old monastery built atop a single rock was once only accessible depending on the whims of the tide. 
  3. Oradour– A French ghost town from World War II, left as a memorial to German atrocities – a must for history buffs
  4. La Cave des Roches (Mushroom Caves)- Quite the magic mushrooms themselves, these are grown in miles of manmade caves and tunnels- a spectacular sight.


What to Do

  1. img-7Dine at the Eiffel– Built to mark the centennial celebration of the French Revolution, it lays claim to being the most visited paid monument in the world. But plan ahead (sometimes years ahead) to bag a table at the Jules Verne restaurant atop the Eiffel tower. This is as romantic as romantic gets.
  2. Moulin Rouge– Located in the hipster vicinity of Montmartre,  watching the cabaret on one evening in Paris is a must. Don’t forget to take a picture under the replica of the original red windmill.
  3. Chamonix valley– Backdropped by the monumental wall of Mt Blanc, the Chamonix valley is a year-round paradise not only for enthusiasts of outdoor sports, but for anyone who appreciates a speck of history wrapped in heart-melting vistas. Check their calendar for various events.
  4. Fontevraud Abbey– Stay at a hotel in the former French abbey where lie the tombs of King Henry II and King Richard the Lionheart. Spooky !


Hope you enjoyed reading through our suggestions on Bragpacking France. Stay tuned for our coverage of more destinations this summer

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