Bragpacking Singapore: What to Pack, Eat, See, Do

Close to home and packed with excitement, Singapore makes for an ideal family holiday or a quick getaway too. While Singapore is a melting pot of expats from across the world, there are a few things distinctly Singaporean that you should not miss. Here’s out Bragpacking guide to ensure just that.

What to Pack

Victorinox Spectra 26 – An ultra-strong travel case ready to pack in all that you need for a long trip. Head turning looks, beautifully detailed and extremely durable, this is what a suitcase should be.(Buy for Rs. 23,370/- ; Rent for Rs. 200/- day)

Sony Cybershot HX90V– Among the most powerful point and shoot cameras in the market, the new Sony Cyber Shot HX90V is the easiest way to capture the best moments of your trip. With an incredible 30X optical zoom and an excellent electronic view finder packed in a lightweight, compact body that will fit in your shirt pocket.(Rent/Try for Rs 300/day)

Deuter Daypack– Quite a walk-friendly country, you will want to explore the gardens and serene outdoors. And a bag that packs all you need for the day is what you need. (Buy for Rs. 3490/- ; Rent for Rs. 60/- day)

Selfie Stick– You don’t have it already? The lightest and simplest camera accessory, this is a must-have for all trips. And specially in Singapore to take cool selfies with the animals at the zoo and the infinity pool at Marina Bay Sands. (Rent/Try for Rs 30/day)

What to Eat

Carrot Cake– No! It is not what you think it is. Far from its American cousin, the Singapore Fried Carrot cake is made with eggs, preserved radish and white radish flour cake, which resembles a ‘white carrot’ and that’s how the name comes about.

Laksa– A dish that shows the blend of Chinese and Malay otherwise known as Peranakan culture in SIngapore, Laksa is a soup like dish with vermicelli, coconut milk, tau pok (beancurd puffs), fish slices, shrimp and cockles (hum).

Chwee Kway– A popular breakfast dish it is a dying trade, so try it before it’s gone forever. Rice flour and water are mixed together to form the rice cake, then put into little saucers and steamed to produce the typical Chwee Kway bowl-like shape and topped with chai poh (preserved radish) and chilli.

Ice cream bread– A hit with kids and oldies alike, it is a traditional snack that can be easily found on busy streets. The old uncle with a small ice cream van, they usually serve various ice cream bars in a slice of bread. Simple slice of heaven!

What to See

Katong Antique House– This jam-packed Singapore antique museum preserves the fading remnants of a uniquely mixed culture. 

Gardens by the Bay– Singapore’s landscaping project is home to 18 incredible Supertrees- a series of man-made frames which house both greens and green technology.

The Live Turtle and Tortoise Museum– The Chinese and some other cultures in Asia consider turtles a sign of wealth and prosperity. So usher in some good luck with turtles of all colours and shapes at this museum.

Mint Museum of Toys– A Museum of Toys, who would want to miss that? Located in downtown Singapore it competes with tall finance offices of steel and glass.  But Mint as it is known steals the show with its collection of over 50,000 toys from 40 countries, spanning most of the 20th century.

What to Do

The Clinic– While it is the ultimate party district of this Asian city, the Medical themed bar and eatery in the heart of Singapore’s Clarke Quay district takes pharmacopoeia to new levels.

Haw Par Villa– Casually referred to as a “Buddhist amusement park”, Haw Par Villa is actually a very graphic and educational journey through the hodgepodge of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism that constitute the traditional fabric of Chinese life, legend, spirituality and morality.

Singapore’s Rooftop Pool– Undoubtedly, the best view in the world. The infinity pool atop Marina Bay Sands is the largest pool at its elevation. Certainly cannot be missed while in Singapore. 

Sungei Road Thieves Market– A licentious look into Singapore’s past, full of disorderly bric-a-brac and disreputable characters. Thieves Market is obligatory, especially if you want to see the remnants of a past that has been obscured by skyscrapers, Louis Vuitton, and Mercedes Benz.

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