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How annoying is it when you are on a shoe string travel budget and your pre travel shopping chops off a considerable amount of that? And yet you end up feeling over-packed and ill equipped for the trip! Not to worry all you globetrotters! In a place like India which has a dearth of travel centric shops, Bragpacker comes with a motto “Spend on experiences. Save on luggage”.

Why to brag? Manan Shah, the brain behind, explains “Bragpacker, simply put, is a travel store. Our ambition is to be a one stop shop to equip you with whatever you need, for wherever you are going. Be it a business trip or your annual vacation, a hiking trip or a road trip, we will provide you with specialized gear that can elevate your travel experience”.

Travel like a boss with some of their coolest products clubbed under the four categories of Luggage, Baby Care products, Photography and Travel Essentials.You can either buy the products or simply rent them for a fraction of the cost. That fraction being as little as 1% to 1.5% per day of the retail value of the product, inclusive of shipping and taxes. No kidding!

Also, if you buy a product (and want to make money out of it after the job is done) you can put it up on their website for rent. How cool is that? There will be minimum rental amount as also a refundable security deposit (usually 10-20% of the product value), for product rentals. Totally worth it!

What can you rent? Anything starting from check-in bags, rucksacks, DSLRs and lenses to GoPros, portable bluetooth speakers and many more! Their category of baby products like light weight strollers, carriers, car seats, pack and plays, video monitors, sterilizers, bathing seats, among others is a life saver for the young parents who love to travel.

Soon the Bragpacker catalogue will also host a full range of adventure sports gear to either “Buy or Rent” or “Try and Buy” (Yes, they also let you try products before buying)! Also, soon there will be also some international product labels to choose from.

Like the idea but too much of a cleanliness freak to try something like this? Fret not! Bragpacker is known for its strict processes and infrastructure to ensure the hygiene of its products. You can be assured to receive fully functional, spic and span and professionally cleaned items only.

So next time hit the roads like a packing pro and brag about the same to your friends with Bragpacker! Shop from their website that is going live from 9 May, 2016. You can also call them at +91-9004998998 or get in touch through

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