Look Trendy While Traveling – Tips From 5 Fashion Bloggers

If you’ve been feeling really blaah after looking at all those fabulous airport look photos of celebrities that have become quite the rage of late, don’t you worry, we have something that is going to step up your own glam factor  for your next vacation. Yes, that’s right – we spoke with five Indian fashion bloggers who are constantly killing it with their own #OOTDs. They shared the following tips so you can look effortlessly trendy while traveling –

Shalini Chopra, Stylish By Nature

Always make sure comfort comes first while traveling. You can be stylish while traveling, however, if you are uncomfortable, it shows. Choose your outfits as per the destination weather, travel distance and mode of traveling. Then compile your looks. There are loads of options available in the market once you know what you want. Check out my look-book for loads of outfit ideas right herePack loads of accessories like sunglasses, hats, scarves, floral tiaras and shoes. And, go low on makeup.

Rudrita Chatterjee
Want to travel light but look fashionable? Carry outfits which can be reused easily, co-ords with a number of other outfits and comfortable to wear, as well. Simple accessories like scarves, shrugs, hats or shades can do wonders. Changing accessories and putting them together in different stylish ways can make traveling fashionably interesting. Wear ‘easy-breezy’ outfits. Denims, shorts, stretchable leggings of basic colours like black, white, cotton tops and a versatile dress for night parties can make traveling comfortable yet fashionable. Denims are a staple outfit for any trip because they are easy to wear, give ultimate comfort and are always into fashion, so try to carry at least one while traveling.

Tanya Virmani, Let’s Expresso 

Carry bold colours that stand out in photos. This way even your pullovers will stand out. Wear nice sneakers with different patterns. There are so many options available. Wear a scarf around your neck that’ll save you from cold, heat and act like a statement accessory, as well. Comfort is your fashion while travelling. If an outfit is tight, uncomfortable and uneasy, what’s the point?!



Ayushi Anand, 365 Days of Bliss

I always believe in travelling light – I don’t want to drag too many suitcases by myself and I love shopping and want to keep space in my luggage to be able to shop from the destination I’m visiting. So, with limited luggage, if one wants to look stylish, then he/she should carry the basics. Having said that, the easiest way to travel fashionably is to carry your outfits according to the kind of place you are visiting. For instance, if you are going to the beach then keep lots of beach wear with a couple of party outfits. If you are going to a place like Greece, then you know that you need to pack a lot of whites to get stunning pictures during your vacation. Travel involves a lot of walking, so if you are not carrying comfortable footwear, your journey is going to get difficult. I always keep a pair of sneakers, flip flops and boots or a formal pair of flats depending on the weather of the country I’m visiting. Another way to ensure comfort is to carry easy breezy clothes. Carry shorts, dresses, rompers and clothes that you are most comfortable in. Try carrying clothes that you can style differently – you can repeat these pieces during your travels to travel light and comfortably. I think accessories have the ability to make or break your look. So while you are traveling you should definitely carry jewellery that compliments your outfit along with bags, belts, hats and shades, of course. Men should get their hands on belts, nice shoes, scarves and classic shades.


Ankit Sharma, Craze Mag  

It can sometimes be difficult to carry a lot of trendy clothes while traveling so the trick is to travel light and carry comfortable outfits. I like to carry outfits that have breathable fabric, aren’t very light in color and don’t require much washing or ironing while I am on the move. Carry a few trendy pieces in terms of a colored tee, a basic pair of shorts or denims and statement shoes which you can mix and match every day. One should prefer comfort. If you can carry something with confidence, it will automatically look good.  I  make sure that I carry my pair of joggers, sneakers, cool, trendy t-shirts and a few printed shirts, depending on where I am traveling. A good pair of sunglasses which suit your face can also add a lot of style to any simple outfit.

We hope these tips will help you pack a more stylish wardrobe with ease so you look and feel great while traveling. Now go on and have fun packing and don’t forget to tag us in your travel pics if you followed any of these fashion tips!

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