Upgrade Your Monsoon Weekend Getaway With This Packing List

The rain gods have finally answered and monsoon season is upon us, at last. Of course, rain makes for an excellent excuse to indulge in bhujjia, chaai and romance, but it is also an equally excellent time to travel. Everything becomes all lush and magical when it rains. And, let’s face it – the number of destinations that serve as weekend getaway spots is mind-boggling. But, hold your horses. Before you run out your door to embark upon your dream weekend monsoon getaway, make sure you’ve sorted out your packing carefully with our handy-dandy checklist –


Rain Essentials

Monsoon wanderlust comes with the risk of getting drenched, which is why the following products are bound to prove useful:

  • Raincoat
  • Waterproof cases for mobiles/cameras
  • Waterproof travel bag/backpack
  • Hair dryer (in case you somehow manage to get drenched despite all of the above precautions!)
  • Travel clothesline (in case you need to dry wet clothes)
  • Clothes/shoe freshener (trust us, you won’t like the damp smell inside your room)
  • Light layers of clothing (bottoms should be knee-length!)



Smart-Thinking Essentials

Rainy season holidays come with their own set of potential issues, such as getting stuck inside when the rain is uncontrollable or unwanted creepy crawlies. Plan ahead to prevent unnecessary misery –

  • Books, playing cards, board games – If you find yourself stranded inside your hotel room, don’t let the fun and games end! If you’re traveling with a baby or toddler, the Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Playard helps keep lil’ ones entertained indoors like a charm.
  • Mosquito zapper light – Whether you’re adventurous enough to camp out in the rain, or stuck inside a low-budget hotel that has a plethora of mosquitoes and electricity issues, kill two birds with one stone with a lantern that zaps mosquitoes and also shines light.


Photography Essentials

Rookie Essentials

In-case you’re driving down to your destination, don’t forget to carry a cooler or car fridge to be prepared for an attack of the munchies. We recommend the Tropicool Portable Chiller & Warmer CTo8 that keeps your drinks cold and your food warm with the simple click of a button. And, carrying a car safety kit is important, too, because the roads become extra dangerous during the rain. Our All-In-One Car Safety Kit equips you with all you need to respond to car breakdowns, fires, medical emergencies and accidents.

Alright then, get packing already!

Comment below and let us know if there’s a monsoon travel essential you swear by.

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