Pick The Right Camera For Your Trek

Going on a trek is a wonderful way to explore the great outdoors, and it is also an excellent opportunity to channel your inner photographer. But, picking the right camera for your bragpacker trek might feel overwhelming since there are so many options to pick from. Here are some pros and cons surrounding each camera type to make it easier for you to decide what suits your photography needs best –

DSLRs – Of course, nothing can compare with the image quality and versatility of a DSLR, but they tend to be bulky for most people to carry on treks. If you do carry one, make sure you pack a zoom lens or/and wide angle lens and CPL filter to get the best results. You can get a good DSLR with a large zoom lens, for as little as RS 500/day (Check out our Essential Camera Kit)

Point & Shoots – Much lighter than DSLRs, point & shoot cameras are easy to slip into your bag. If you aren’t too savvy with the technical operation of a DSLR, then the auto-functionality of a point & shoot and LCD framing will make things easier for you. Just make sure you only invest in a P&S that actually has better zoom than your phone camera if you want to see a true difference in image quality, such as the Sony HX90V with a 30x zoom. And carrying a P&S does not need to be a compromise either of image quality or creativity. There are P&S cameras out there, which have DSLR sized sensors and offer great optics, like the Sony RX100 series.


GOPROs – If you want to vlog your next trip, GoPros are the way to go. Whether it’s the Hero 4 or the latest Hero 6 Black, this tiny, nifty devise opens up a whole new world of photography due to its great mounting options that allow you to take the camera where it has never gone before. Make sure you take extra batteries and the right mounts for your trip to get the most out of your trip. You can rent GoPros with all required accessories for as little as Rs 400/day from Bragpacker.

360-degree cameras are in vogue and extremely worth the investment and photography experience.  The Insta360 Air are an outstanding choice for those looking to use something compact with minimum mounts – it works with your phone!  However, if you are going to rely on your phone, remember to carry additional accessories like the Revolcam lens and a phone Gimbal i.e a 3 axis stabilization devise that will ensure super smooth, cinematic videos right from your phone.

We hope you’re able to make a much more well-informed decision regarding which camera to use to document your next trek! Just take in the sights and sounds first in your mind before you unleash the camera.

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