The Essential Camping Packing List

You dont need therapy, you need to go camping! A short escape from the concrete jungle into the woods, can be just the thing you need to recharge and unplug at the same time!

Ofcourse, camping can seem a bit daunting, without the luxuries of a roof and a bed, not to say anything about modern plumbing. Fact is though, with the right prep and equipment, camping can be a very comfortable experience. The trick is in finding your own balance in roughing it out and seeking your comforts. 

At Bragpacker, we always believe that the right equipment can really help you in upgrading your experience. Here is our take on the essential packing list for your perfect camping trip.

To sleep

Camping Tent: A good tent is where the camping experience truly begins. What you need is something that’s easy to set-up and protects you from the elements fully.

Recommended product: The dependable French brand – Quechua provides 2 person, 3 person and above tents that are easy to set up and extremely well designed. It is equipped to deal with condensation and provides excellent ventilation, making sure you sleep comfortably through the night. Bragpacker rental starts at₹125.


Hiking Sleeping Bag: With a nice roof on your head, all you need is a snuggly sleeping bag below. Take care to note the temperature specification of a sleeping bag and make sure it matches the climatic conditions of the camping site. Typically, sleeping bags are made from 20 degrees and below. In most Indian conditions a 10 degree setting is ideal as it provides adequate padding and is warm enough.

Recommended brand: The Quechua Forclaz Hiking sleeping bag is a versatile, lightweight and can also be used in temperatures as low as 10° C. This cushioned bag packs quite compactly. Bragpacker rental starts at ₹50


Mosquito Repellents: Yes, we just read your mind. Monsoon and mosquitos go hand in hand and can ruin your camping experience completely. Apart from the regular sprays and creams, mosquito repellent patches (these are meant for babies, but who’s to stop you).

Recommended product: We love the Mosquito Zapper Lanterns that give you the light you need in the tent and also have a very effective zapper that attracts and zaps mosquitoes. Bragpacker rental starts at₹100

Optional things to pack:

  • Inflatable Pillow
  • Foam Mattress
  • Sleeping Bag Liner (useful if you are using one provided by the campsite)


To Weather-Proof

Aqua Shoes: A must for all your beach holidays, snorkeling or diving trips, these aqua shoes are so handy while camping too. Ditch those those flip flops and use these Aquashoes to protect your feet from dangers in the swamps, rainy puddles, bug infections breeding near water bodies during monsoon. Super quick drying, compact and comfortable they are lightweight and multi functional as compared to sandals or flip flops. Bragpacker rental starts at ₹50.


Rain Jacket/ Ponchos: Protecting yourself from the elements is obviously the key to remain comfortable. While the joy of getting soaked in rain specially in the woods is unmatched, you want to make sure you reach the basecamp dry until you set up. Lugging your wet self and the camping gear while trekking will only slow you down.

Recommended Product: This compact (folds into a pouch), lightweight and breathable rain jacket made for lowland hikers, you cannot survive the Maharashtra monsoons without this. It comes with a built in pouch that can go with you almost effortlessly. Bragpacker rental starts at ₹25.

Other things to pack:


To wander

Backpacks: This can be tricky – the size of the bag and the way you carry it can differ based on the length and type of trip. Typically a 30-40 lit backpack is advised for a short 3-4 day trip. But for a weekend with limited trekking, a duffel bag can be a more convenient option. The major hygiene factors are that the bag has to be durable enough, waterproof (or atleast have a rain cover) and comfortable enough for you to carry it’s weight.

Recommended Product: The Adjustable Bag by Piorama is the world’s most versatile convertible bag, with 3 size adjustments and 12 different configurations. Transform it into a duffel, sling or backpack easily within seconds. Volume can be expanded from 31L to 62L and bag can be folded up into a tiny bundle. From your full camping gear in the backpack to the sling that carries your essentials while playing or other activities at the campsite, this fuels all your needs in one bag. Bragpacker rental starts at ₹150.

Other things to pack:


To Chill

Portable Speakers: Music under the stars in the wee hours of the night or next to the campfire can just elevate the moment. Once you are done enjoying the silence and the spirits are in full flow, a set of portable speakers that you can play music through your phone, are just the thing that can get the party roaring.

Bragpacker rents the Sol Republic Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for Rs 50/day

Board Games: If you are the types to enjoy some laid back activities, board games can be a whole lot of fun in the outdoors, especially to break the ice with other wanderers who you dont know.

Hammock: This is a luxury that you can never get in the city, so make the most of the greenery around you and find a set of trees you can chill within. Nowadays, they come in a very light, portable form and are easy to put up and very difficult to get out of.

Bragpacker rents the compact hammock for Rs 50/day

Other things to pack:


To Click

Last but certainly not least, taking the right photography gear is certainly very important. Most times your mobile phone may do but you will struggle to take great night time shots with it. If you are indulging in some night sky photography, a DSLR with a good wide angle lens is a must. Ofcourse, a GoPro is the go-to camera for an adventurous outing. Might we also suggest the newest kid on the block, the Insta360 Air VR camera that lets you take an epic 360 degree photo/video of the awesomeness around you with your own mobile phone !

We can go on and on with gear and gadgets that you can take along, but here ‘less is more’.

#travelequipped with #bragpackergear. Happy Camping!

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