This Is How Bragpacker Is Making Road Trips Safer For Kids

We love road trips. And we’ve been trying our best to offer new (and old) parents with tools that make their travels a little easier. To keep the spirit of adventure alive, while inculcating the love of travel in children and ensuring it’s a smooth vacation is a tall order and we love taking it as a challenge!

In keeping with the same thought, we’ve got a choice of products that make travelling with kids easier and super fun, including the newly added Mifold’s Grab-And-Go-Booster-Seat – The most advanced, compact and portable booster seat in the world, this new car seat has eliminated the tediousness around kids’ seats, especially when they have grown out of the infant car seat bracket.

The child’s safety at the back of the car is always in peril on road trips and all developed countries enforce strict rules that make car seats compulsory for kids as old as 10 years. Unfortunately, in India, such an essential precaution is very regularly neglected, perhaps due to lack of awareness. Plus, car seats are normally expensive, bulky and complicated to use.

No more! Considerably easier to use, in relation to other booster seats, the Mifold booster seat is a game-changer for families. And you can now buy or rent it exclusively from! So there is now no excuse whatsoever in going on a trip without this critical piece of equipment with you.

Mifold is one of the most successful Indiegogo projects (Crowd funding) ever. Unlike regular booster seats that lift the child to be in the position of an adult, Mifold holds the seatbelt down to keep the child secured and in one position. This patented design has successfully cleared safety tests all around the world.

  • Engineered to protect children from the age of 4 to 12 years old.
  • The design takes the seatbelt off the neck and stomach making it comfortable to use.
  • 10 times smaller than regular booster seats.
  • Portable and foldable- Easily fits into a backpack.
  • Fits three children in a row, even in the smallest cars.
  • Perfect for use in Taxis or while carpooling.
  • Set up in less than 30 seconds.

We believe this revolutionary product is perfect for India, given the perilous roads and the overall befuddlement with car seats. Bragpacker is thus proud to be the only portal to list this product to Rent, Try or Buy in the country. Check out further details of the product and our options here.

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You can check out our entire range of child travel products to Rent, Try or Buy here.

Happy Travels!

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