How To Choose The Right Luggage For Your Trip

There are a lot of factors that determine what sort of luggage you should carry on for the smoothest travel experience – the number of days you’re travelling, the climate and terrain of locations you’re visiting and activities you’re going to be indulging in, for example. Let’s take a look at 5 different types of luggage options and what they are most suitable for!

1. Backpacks

Whether you’re travelling for a really short duration, going on a trek or plan on literally backpacking from one place to the next like a gypsy soul, backpacks give you amazing mobility to just pick up and go whenever and wherever you want to. Although there are a ton of size and shapes available for backpacks, try to pick something that is 60 litres or less – this should suffice for even month long trips if you make the right packing decisions. A drawback of backpacks is that they are tough to organize and pack/unpack. To manage this problem, pick front-loading backpacks so you access your gear easily, and look for backpacks that have multiple, even detachable, compartments. Using packing cubes is a must when using a backpack. A waterproof backpack is great if you’re travelling during monsoon season, too. If you are trekking, definitely go for an option that has a stiff frame and well-padded carrying system, so the weight distribution is spread across your backs.

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2. Suitcases

If you’re travelling for a long staycation or are going to be in and out of airports a lot, trolley suitcases are the best option – you can keep everything in one place, without having to lug everything on your back. Try to keep the l+b+h dimensions under 156 cm so you can get through airline check-ins without additional fees. Look out for polycarbonate bodies and 8-spinner wheels in suitcases. Many innovations on the bag material have been marketed by suitcase brands, especially in the premium category, that profess durable, but light-weight qualities. Instead of taking the brand’s word for it, focus on the warranty period they provide – anything less than 5 years, at least in the upwards of 5k category, may not be as durable as the brand claims.

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3. Carry-Ons

They come in various forms from totes to trolleys and each trip has it’s own ideal choice of carry-ons. The joy of a light daypack on long haul flights through large international airports is immense. So always remember, carry-ons are not carry-alls! In order to qualify as a carry-on piece, luggage needs to be 115 cm or less (l+b+h). There are a vast array of features that you can choose from today –s lash-proof, hidden access points, breathable back system, power bank compatible, trackable RFID, retractable wire lock. built-in hydration pack, you name it!

Pick something that will simplify your journey!

4. Hybrids

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds – shoulder straps to keep your arms free (also useful for situations involving climbing stairs, walking on bumpy streets and getting past huge crowds) and a basic trolley system (when you want to give your shoulders and back a rest) – hybrid bags are all-purpose in utility and gaining a lot of popularity. These are especially great for longer trips that could involve everything from trekking to business meetings.

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5. Accessories

There are some really handy luggage accessories available, our favorite being packing cubes and packable handbags / backpacks. Simple in nature, foldable cubes let you stay organized and save tons of precious space. Packable backpacks – these literally fold up into a tiny pouch – are also a useful accessory to carry if you foresee some binge shopping happening or multiple trips to the beach.

We hope this information helps you make a more well-informed choice for all your packing needs. In case you’d like to rent out a few options, click here.

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